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February 17, 2013 - Dave's Birthday

Eyes of Fire "Gone Forever"
Coldsteel "You Lose!"
Helloween "Far from the Stars"
Mustache "Destroyed by Destruction"

Ancient VVisdom "Lost Civilization"
Alpha Tiger "Beneath the Surface"
Blackshine "Carnal Destination"
Portal "Awryeon"
Exumer "Rising from the Sea"

Spater "Agony - Live"
Spiritus Mortiis "Something Came and Killed"
Apolokia "Pure Imperial Darkness"
Hazy Hamlet "Metal Revolution"

Queensryche "Suite Sister Mary"
Gary Moore "Victims of the Future"
Worm Quartet "Find the Dead Wingless Legless Fly in your Box of Raisins"
Pretty Suicide "User Abuser"
One Animal "This (Means)"
Savatage "Watching You Fall"
Transport League "War Machine"

Detente "Shattered Illusions"
Sentinal Beast "Dogs of War"
Znowhite "War Machine"
Mean Streak "Searching Forever"
Fear of God "Drift"

Spater "Brady Bunch - Live"
Idiot Stare "Brady Bunch"
Black Sabbath "Disturbing the Priest"
Wendy O Williams "It's My Life"
Entombed "Black Juju"
Dream Theater "Space Dye Vest"

Seplophile "Retribution"
Darkthrone "Leave No Cross Unturned"
Hemlock "Swan Song"

Bigdumbface "Blood Red Head on Fire"
One-Eyed Doll "Committed"
Psyche Corporation "Nightmares"
Abdicate "Baptised in Fire"
As Angels Bleed "Driven to Flames"
Black Drawing Chalks "Cut Myself in Two"

VoiVod "Warchaic"
Chambers of Insanity "Feed the Moon"
Deathchain "King Pazuzu"

Spater "Pummeled - Live"
Diamond Dawn "Take Me Higher"
Druid Lord "Awaken by the Dead"
Eye of Solitude "Painstained"

Hatriot "The Mechanics of Annihilation"
Exodus "Deranged"
Legacy "Raging Waters"
Dublin Death Patrol "Death Toll Rising"
Testament "C.O.T.L.O.D."

King Diamond "From the Other Side - Demo Version"
Malteze "Blessed are the Strong"
Majesty (pre-Dream Theater) "Your Majesty"
Non-Fiction "I Hate to Tell You"
Pretty Boy Floyd "Rock 'n Roll (Is Going to Set the World on Fire)"

Warlock "Fight for Rock"
Slammer "No Excuses"
SGM "Acid Rain"
TNT "Knights of the Thunder"

Fates Warning "Time Long Past / Exodus"


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
Present were, Just Joe, Rick and Randy, from The Metallic Onslaught, Dave, who is in the band Spater, and is also the founder of The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, and, someone who had not been there since way before the end of the world at the end of last year, the worst co-host in the world, Dave. It was Dave's birthday, so this was his birthday show. A game of Tribute To The Past / Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, Rick would give Dave his birthday spankings. If no bullet, Arydaea would. Bullet. Dave got spankings with a wooden stick from Rick, Randy, Azkath,, and, Just Joe. He got a lot of whacks. Then he got a lap dance from Randy, which Dave actually requested. Dave loves Randy now that he is a wolf again, Dave loves Wulfie. Randy took his shirt off during the lap dance. Dave really liked his lap dance from a half naked Randy, a lot! He also seemed to enjoy the spankings with the stick he had gotten from him, not the others, just Randy. Dave, what is wrong with you!? Dave also got a birthday chop from Rick, that, he didn't like so much. He also got to stroke the other Dave's beard. He also got a pink balloon, which took a hell of a lot of abuse before it finally popped, that was one very tough balloon. The Dave from Spater promoted The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, twenty bands, one of which will be Spater, all for free, and, which The Metallic Onslaught MC's. It is a very cool fest. Spater's music was played. They rock, is their website, and, is the website for all the information on The Finger Lakes Metal Fest. 

To get back at Randy, who had stolen and eaten all his Listerine breath strips the night before on The Metallic Onslaught, Randy is highly addicted to them, and then thrown him into an equipment panel, and thrown a coat rack on top of him, Azkath gave Randy a prolonged beat down, after which he put a whole pack of breath strips in his mouth. one of those can really burn, so the whole pack...! Randy was knocked out from the beating, and on fire from the breath strips. but his breath was really minty! Later, Just Joe tried putting one breath strip on top of another in his mouth, to see how many he could stand. He got to over ten, his mouth was burning, and his eyes were really watering. Just Joe informed us that he had lost his job, apparently for being physically and verbally aggressive with people, which he says he has no memory of doing, and it is unlike him. Azkath told him that he really does think he is possessed, that Satan did something to him when he was there at Christmas, and that they should probably get Eric to perform another exorcism, it had been Eric who had performed one on Randy back then and gotten Satan to leave him. There were a few segments of Movie Time. 

And this LE began right after Azkath's new interview program, "Where Did The Road Go?", tonight's guest on that was Brian Forester, from the show Ancient Aliens. 

The last hour of LE was The Old School Hour, heading into which Azkath said they were going to play a game, "Five Degrees Of Metal", where he played a set of five songs that were all connected in some way. The answer was that they all featured a vocalist of Testament, they were all bands that they had a part in...