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February 10, 2013 - Just Another Night...

Tiamat "Wildhoney / Whatever That Hurts / The Ar"
Mustache "Speed Metal"
Cold Steel "Blood Secrets"
Hazy Hamlet "Funeral for a Viking"

Helloween "World of War"
Seven Year Existence "Death Roll"
Hatebreed "Own Your World"
Hemlok "Vendetta"

VoiVod "Artefact"
Kinetik "An Occasional Pulse"
Insane Ian "I Hate My Job"
Incarnator "Town of Ghosts"
Psychothermia "The Fight"

Ludichrist "Fire at the Firehouse"
Scatterbrain "Down with the Ship - Live" (R)
Faith No More "Woodpecker from Mars" (R)
Fear "Let's Have a War" (R)
Faith No More "We Care A Lot (Original Version)"
Venom "Women, Leather, and Hell" (R)
Prong "For Dear Life" (R)
Bad Brains "Pay to Cum - Live" (R)

Orriel Smith "My Funny (Clucky) Valentine"
Manilla Road "Do What Thou Wilt"
Secret Signs "Voices from the Afterlife"
Devo Spice "JoCo got Jacked"
Cycle Sluts from Hell "I Wish You Were a Beer"

Fishbone "Party at Ground Zero" (R)
Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk to Fuck" (R)
HART "Rock Me"
Logic of Denial "Apocrypha"
Neuronspoiler "Invisible Man"
Kimberly Freeman "The Water Song"

Ire Clad "Little Middle Man"
The Beards "I Think Beards are Great"
Muckraker "ConMan"
Odd Dimension "Dissolving into the Void"
Krypts "Dormancy of the Ancients"
Maiden United "The Trooper"

Dublin Death Patrol " Blood Sirens"
Hatriot "Globicidal"
Evil Army "I Must Destroy You"
Satanic Threat "Guilty of Hating Christ"
Siegewyrm "Bloodlust"
Heaven's Basement "Fire, Fire"

Vindicator "Gears of Fate"
Vreid "Welcome Farewell"
Standing Ovation  "Break the News"
Supuration "The Delegation"
Symphony of Malice "Hole in My Soul"

The Magik Way "Danza degli Elementi"
Star City Meltdown "Here's to Us!"
Straight on Target "Wake the Apathetic"
Liquid Me "Wrong"
Spiritus Mortis "Vow to the Sun"
TV's Kyle "Kittens for Sale"
Xanthochroid "Winter's End"
Acephalix "In Arms of Nothing"

** Old School Hour **
Entombed "Left Hand Path"
DRI "Slumlord"
Arcane "Enshrouded Crypt"
House of Lords "Can't Find My Way Home" (R)
Fiona / Kip Winger "Everything You Do (You're Sexing Me)" (R)

Agony "Storm of the Apocalypse"
Powermad "Absolute Power"
Pretty Boy Floyd "Toast of the Town" (R)
Pretty Maids "Long Way to Go"
Manowar "Kill With Power" (R)
Powergod "Tor (With the Hammer)"

Galactic Cowboys "Pump Up the Space Suit / Ranch on Mars Reprise / Speak to Me"


Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
LE now begins right after Azkath's new interview program, "Where Did The Road Go?". This nights guest was Michael Cremo, who talked about his theory man is much older than currently believed. It was very interesting. Present for LE were, Eric, the bass player from Ire Clad. Mark Anbinder, a long time WVBR personality, put in an appearance for one talk break in the middle of the program, he told us what movies he's seen lately, and reviewed them. There were other segments of Movie Time, with Azkath and Eric participating. The last hour was The Old School Hour...