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February 3, 2013 - Swarm of Arrows Interview

Gamma Ray "Heading for Tomorrow"
VoiVod "Kaleidos"
Hatriot "The Violent Times of My Dark Passenger"
Dreamshade "Photographs"
Jess and the Ancient Ones "Astral Sabbat"
Ghost "Secular Haze"
The Beards "I'm in the Mood... for Beards"
Spiritus Mortis "Death Walking"
Vatican "Paperdolls"
Ancient VVisdom "Let the End Begin"
Psyche Corporation "Nightmares"
Mustache "Dead Again"
Seplophile "Quarantined"
Inter Arma "'sblood"
Blacksoul Seraphim "Madness of Beggars"
Death Wolf "Darkness of Hel"
Mutiny Within "The Unsaid"
Sonic Reign "Daily Nightmare Injected"
Doomsday "Black Judas"
Swarm of Arrows "Little Marching Vipers"
Swarm of Arrows Interview
Swarm of Arrows "Damage Generator"
Swarm of Arrows Interview
Swarm of Arrows "The Sky Will Save Us All"
Amaze Knight "Restless Soul"
Satanic Threat "Cursing at the Cross"
The Magick Way "The Knowledge"
Suffocation "As Grace Descends"
Haiduk "Black Wind"
Coldsteel "Blood Secrets"
Davey Suicide "Grab a Gun and Hide Your Morals"
Bornholm "Towards the Golden Halls"
Crimson Reign "Betrayal"
DGM "Universe"
Psychothermia "Crazy X"
Dynasty "Burn in Me"
Impious Baptism "Axis of Lucifer"
Point Blank Rage "Shreds of Humanity"
Reactory "Killed by Thrash"
Circle II Circle "Diamond Blade"
The Secret VI "Krist Murder"
Those Who Fear "Burn"
The Beyond "Attack of the Zombie Brigade"
Wildpath "Before I Die"
** Russian Roulette **
Worm Quartet "Vampire Penguins"
PIL "The Order of Death"
King Diamond "Dressed in White"
Doro "East Meet's West - Live"
Brian Posehn "Metal by Numbers"
Hatebreed "Dead Man Breathing"
To the Deep "You're Going to Die Tomorrow"
Nude "My World Today"
Adrenochrome "The Horror"
Agony Lords "Raising the Occult"
Cirque Du So What? "Let's Do Improv!"
** Old School Hour **
Powermad "Blind Leading the Blind / Nice Dreams"
Grand Prix "Shout"
Slammer "If Thine Eye"
Deathrow "Watching the World"
Nocturne "Dead Man"
Nuclear Assault "Stand Up"
Rabbit Junk "Ghetto Blasphemer"
Overkill "Brainfade"
Raggedy Aneurysm "Hitchhiking Teenage Girls are Going to Die"
Riot "Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
LE now starts right after Azkath's new interview show, "Where Did The Road Go?". On that show, he had just interviewed an author about the black eyed children, weird creepy kids with solid black eyes who want to be invited into people's homes or cars, and really frighten them. That was creepy but very interesting. 

Present for LE were, Just Joe, Rick, from The Metallic Onslaught, Eric, from the band Ire Clad, and, two people who had never been there before, Jeremy, and, Charles. Tim and John, two of the four members of the band Swarm Of Arrows, phoned in for an extended interview, which Azkath and Rick conducted. The interview was book ended by two of their songs, and a third track was played during the interview, as a break in it. They rock, is their website, and they are on facebook. The last time we had seen Just Joe, it seemed as though Satan had possessed him when he resurrected him at Christmas. When asked about that, he said he didn't want to talk about it. A round of Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, Jeremy would have something horrible happen to him. Azkath wasn't sure what that something should be. When it was revealed     that Jeremy was another one of those very prevalent, at least here, non metal wimps who is scared of spiders, it was decided, he would be put into the spider cabinet in the basement. If no bullet, then Just Joe would get to take Charles to the basement, and do whatever it is that he does to people down there. No bullet. Just Joe and Jeremy were told to take Charles to the basement. They all went down. When they came back, Just Joe and Jeremy were shrieking like little girls. Charles, who is a tiny guy, probably not even 100 pounds, and who was outnumbered, had outsmarted them, which doesn't take much. He had run into the spider cabinet, they had chased after him, he had run back out, shutting them in there. Now they were covered in spiders and cobwebs, and highly traumatized. Just Joe sounded like the air being let slowly and squeakily out of a balloon. There were three segments of Movie Time, and a discussion about Jesse Ventura's show on conspiracies. This one was about people who hear voices in their heads, and weather or not someone is doing that to them. The last hour was The Old School Hour...