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January 27, 2013 - Paranormal Night


Amaze Knight "Imprisoned (Shadows Past)"
Okular "Rest in Chaos"
Spiritus Mortis "Sleeping Beneath the Lawn"
Mothership "Elenin"
Illnath "Captain of the Seven Seas"

Mustache "Your Father Must Be Proud of You"
Evil Army "I Must Destroy You"
Coldsteel "Amercian Idle"
Alpha Tiger "Eden Lies in Ruin"
Crashdiet "Excited"

The Commander-In-Chief "Dropout"
Bonecage "Double Dragon (Todd gets Facekicked)"
Desolator "Born of Sin"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Rage"
Gregorian "Hurt - Live"

Hazy Hamlet "The Beginning of the End / Black Masquerade"
Maelstrom "Arise"
Maiden United "Prowler"
Iron Maiden "The Evil That Men Do"

Helloween "Burning Sun / Waiting for the Thunder"
My Soliloquy "Dream in Extremis"
Sonic Reign "A Doctrine Unreachable"
Sacred Reich "Death Squad - Live"

The Magik Way "The Doubt (Il Dubbio)"
Tystnaden "Egoist"
Spheric Universe Experiment "Escape"
Varg "Guten Tag"
4arm "Raise a Fist"

Nuclear Bubble Wrap "Lizards in the Sky"
Andy Winter "Perfection is the Blank Page / Somewhere Else to Disappear"
Dino-Mike "The New Me"
Raven Black Night "If You Choose the Dark"

Mustache "It's Never Too Late"
Spiritus Mortis "Death Walking"
Gojira "Backbone" (R)
Doro "Raise Your Fist in the Air"
The Modern Age of Slavery "Opiate of the Masses"

SGM "Back in Circulation"
Nader Sadek "Nigerdo in Necromance (Live)"
Lifeless "Towards Damnation"
Shannon "Ride to Live"
The Bronx "Along for the Ride"
The Last Shot of War "Beyond the Nightmare of Dreamers"
Pathogen "Abyss of Perpetual Upheaval"

Pestilence Choir "Timber Maniacs"
Fates Warning "Giant's Lore (Heart of Winter)" (R)
Tesseract "Nocturne"
Watchtower "The Size of the Matter"
Viisikko "Sekopainen Jakta"
Enertia "Dear God"

Savatage "One Child" (R)
The Disposible Heroes of Hiphoprisy "California Uber Alles"
Destruction "Bestial Invasion"
Testament "Over the Wall"

Rough "Nightmare"
The Coup De Grace "Daylight Dawning"
Wargasm "Bullets and Blades"
Anvil Bitch "Vengeance of the Sword"
DBC "The Genesis Explosion"

Benediction "Subconscious Terror" (R)
SGM "Power"
Phantom Blue "Going Mad"
Spiritus Mortis "Goodbye"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
This LE debuted right after Azkath's new one hour interview program, "Where Did The Road Go?", which looks at paranormal topics, as well as alternative and out of the mainstream views on subjects like science and history. The first show looked at the theory that we could all be living in a programmed virtual reality, and was very thought provoking, stimulating and interesting. I hope all of you tuned in to that as well, and will do so every week, directly before LE, at 11:00, P.M., Saturday nights. Present for LE was Tim. He and Azkath discussed some of the things that had been talked about in the interview show for a bit. There were two segments of Movie Time, and Azkath also talked about a book he had just finished, the third book in Arthur C. Clark's Space Odyssey series, and he also talked about two TV series he had watched the season finales of in the past week. The last hour was The Old School Hour...