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January 20, 2013 - Randy's Birthday Show...

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Helloween "Nabataea"
Wildestarr "Not Sane"
Vindicator "Gears of Fate"
Vicious Rumors "Soldiers of the Night - Live"
Big Balls Cowgirl "Big Balls Cowgirl"

Baphomet "Unholy"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Ugly Noise"
Malnatt "Iper Pagano"
Dir En Grey "Obscure - Live"
Cyclophonia "Screams in the Night"

Chthonic "Southern Cross"
Necrowretch "Goat-Headed"
Terror "Hard Lessons"
Satanic Threat "Small God, Big Cross"
Devourment "Fifty Ton War Machine"

Motley Crue "Live Wire"
The Black Dahlia Murder "What a Horrible Night for Curse"
Julie Laughs No More "From the Mist of the Ruins"
Hades "King in Exile"
ASKA "Angels of War"
Draconian "Silent Winter"
Master's Hammer "Nabucco"

Faster Pussycat "Don't Change that Song"
Agony Lords "The Spirit in the Tower"
Adrenechrome "Locust Wings"
Mayhemic Speed Anarchy "Children of Technology"
2 Cellos "Highway to Hell"
Testament "Trial by Fire"

Diablo "Sigerson"
Everybody Panic! "When It All Burns"
One-Eyed Doll "Committed"

Photoreal "Uncle"

Photoreal "Illaz"

Ayurveda "Hard to Play"
Overkill "Feel the Fire"
Coldsteel "Ashes to Ashes"
We Came as Romans "Let These Words Last Forever"
Maelstrom "Predestined"

Opeth "The Throat of Winter"
Centurian "Judas Among Twelve"
Clutch "Earth Rocker"
Alpha Tiger "From Outer Space"
Chiildren "My Gods"
Satanic Threat "Satanic Threat"

Vex "Carve My Eyes"
StoneRider "Too Many Times"

The Glitch Mob "A Dream Within A Dream (Skeet Skeet Remix)"
Yoshimoto "Do What U Du (Trentemoller Remix)"
Electric Souldside Science Fiction        
Royksopp "What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix)"
Deadmau5 "Melleefresh Vs Deadmau5 - Cocktail Queen"
Deadmau5 "This Is The Hook"
Boys Noize "Feel Good (TV Off)"
DJ Ross One "Are we human (sample)"
Zedd "Autonomy"
Felix Da Housecat "Miss Kittin vs Uppermost (Twelve11) - Silver Screen Shower Scene (MAKESOMENOIZE Remix)"

Crashdiet "Change the World"
Evil Army "I, Commander"
Halothane "Desolate"
Upon Wings "Afterlife"

Darth and Vader "Return of the Jedi"
Aesthetic Perfection "The Siren (Led Manville Club Remix)"
Combichrist "All Pain is Gone (Rapid Ascent Mix by VNV Nation)"
Grendel "Dirty (Urkom Remix)"
Rammstein "Ohne Dich (Remix Laibach)"
Ramones "Pet Semetary"

Sacred Reich "The American Way - Live" (R)
Coven "Blessed is the Black"
Lilitu "Even the Vultures Have Moved On"
King Diamond "A Broken Spell"
Sacrifice "Re-Animation"

Oliver Magnum "Silent Scream (Prelude to Death)"

Recap Fire Eater Wizard
The previous Thursday had been Randy's birthday, so this was Randy's birthday show. Also there were, Rick, from The Metallic Onslaught, Tim, Just Joe, and, Eric, the bass player for the band Ire Clad. For the whole time Randy was there, Azkath let him pick one song in each set of music. A game of Tribute To The Past/Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet played, then Just Joe would give Randy his birthday spankings, of which there needed to be 47, only Just Joe can't count that high, so who knows how many smacks Randy would end up getting. If two bullets played, Rick would give Randy his spankings, which who knows if Randy would survive 47 whacks from Rick. If no bullet, Arydaea would give Randy his spankings, which was clearly what Randy was hoping for, and birthday luck was with him, because he got his birthday wish, no bullet, and so Arydaea gave him 47 spankings with a miniature boomstick. It was a very eclectic night. Mike Parker, formerly of the band Ayurveda, and now with his own music project, Photoreal stopped by in the middle of the night. He updated us on what he has been up to with his music, and he brought two brand new Photoreal tracks to be played. They were so new that they had just been completed that Saturday, just hours ago. He also brought a special song, a never before released or heard Ayurveda song. All three tracks were played, and were very cool is Photoreal's website. Then, in the last portion of the night, Mazer, the booker at The Haunt, and he is also a DJ there, stopped by. He also brought with him another DJ, DJ Guns, she is one of the top DJ's in the area. She showed off her skills, with a half hour set of techno/industrial music. Then, in the first half hour of what is normally The Old School Hour, Mazer DJ'd a set of techno industrial music. A bit of a different style for LE, but both sets were very cool. As was Mike's Photoreal music quite different, hard to categorize, mellow and trippy, but also very good. Variety is a very good thing. There was a segment of Movie Time, with everyone there contributing, minus the musicians. The second half hour of the last hour was an Old School Half Hour...