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January 31, 2016 - Just Another Night...

Last Exit

So this was a pretty quiet show, we did get to check on the Brony status of Nathan, which needs to be done occasionally by playing him Devo Spice's new song on Bronies. 



Year of the Goat "Pillars of the South"
Olathia "Hellhound"
Meka Nism" From Out of Nowhere"

Winter's Wake "Far Beyond the Darkness"
Striker "Stand in the Fire"
Product of Hate "... As Your Kingdom Falls"
Jessikill "Midnight Rush"

Never The Voiceless "Someday I Die"
Ranger "Defcon I"
Bonecage "I Need Help (Fighting the Evil Dead)"
Venom "All there is Fear"

Noisem "Cascade of Scars"
Amon Amarth "First Kill"
Among the Prey "Beyond Repair"
Amoth "... And So They Filled these Veins with Chaos"

Devo Spice "My Little Pwnage"
Sinbreed "Behind a Mask"
Heretics Dream "Master your Demons"
Black Tusk "Damned in the Ground"

Slayer "War Ensemble"
Dog Fashion Disco "Rapist Eyes - Live"
Opprobrium "The Battle of Armageddon"
Meathook Seed "The Famine Sector"

Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall"
Boiler "Army Ants"
Creeper "Say High"
Mind at Large "Making Porno Faces"

Bent Peg "Industrial Skat"
Potential Threat "Self Inflicted Pain"
Atrophy "Puppies and Friends"
Exumer "Rising from the Sea"
Vio-Lence "Paraplegic"

Black Sabbath "Trashed"
TKO / The Rods "Ace of Spades"
Last in Line "Blame It on Me"
Hope for the Dying "Setting Sun"
Onslaught "Thermonuclear Detonation - Live"

Begrine Exemious "Transcendence"
Intrinsic "Die Trying"
K-X-P "Freeway"
Talmud Beach "Pharmacy Blues"
Steve Goodie "F U R2D2"
The Erkonauts "Culbutos"

Obscura "The Monist"
Devil's Gun "Hot Rock City"
Convulse "God is You"
Seven Sisters of Sleep "Plateau"
Baron Steele "Night of the Wolves"

Dream Theater "Moment of Betrayal"
Power Salad "Leia (and Other Assorted Star Wars Parodies)"
Nuclear Assault "The Blind Follow (aka Lies)"
Redwest "The Ballad of Eddie W"
Abbath "Count the Dead"

Anacrusis "N.I.B."
ASKA "Flight of Icarus"
Otyg "Holy Diver"
Babalith "Preacher Man"
Moon of Steel "Anybody Listening"

Eden House "Neversea"
Dead Letter Circus "In Plain Site"
Lycia "A Ghost Ascends"
Deya Dova "Bone Dance"

Paradise Lost "Beneath Broken Earth"