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February 14, 2016 - Valentine's Day...


Kevin's second show. He tried to stay all night. He didn't make it. He fell asleep. We were nice, he's new, we didn't do anything to him. Being Valentines Day I decided to see if there was any Valentines Metal. Weirdly enough, I found some...


Fates Warning "Monument" 
Sierra "72" 
Dead to a Dying World "Eventide"
Craft of Unknown Origin "Glassworld Machine Elves"
Blast from Oblivion "Duck Duck Ghouls"
Tarchon Fist "Eyes of Wolf"
Sucker "All I Know"
Droids Attack "Enoch"
Product of Hate "Blood Coated Concrete"
Olathia "Seven Deadly Sins"
Dead Till Dark "Restless Heart"
Diemonds "Meet your Maker"
Cloak of Altering "Stretching Infinity"
Cries "Valentine's Day"
Frostbite "Valentine"
SadDolls "The Last Valentine"
The Sisters of Mercy "Valentine"
Oriel Smith "My Funny (Clucky) Valentine"
The Sisters of Mercy "We are the Same, Suzanne"
Manilla Road "Spirits of the Dead"
Angel Dust "Legions of Destruction"
Nitro "O. F. R."
Worm Quartet "I Hate Syracuse"
WWIII "Time for Terror"
Fear "New York's Alright if you like Saxophones"
Empyrean Sky "Into the Depths"
Mercyful Fate "Is That You, Melissa"
Emperor "Cosmic Keys to My Creation and Times"
Sacrifice "Re-Animated"
Doro "Celebrate"
Not Fragile "High Into Heaven"
TK "Unravel"
AK-47 "Unstoppable"
Dark Haze "Tree of Misery"
Ego Fall "The Spirit of Mongolia"
Flesh Juicer "Funeral"
Gorod "Temple to the Art-God"
Gygax "World Breaker"
Greenleaf "Funeral Pyre"
Interment "Chalice of Death"
Iron Mask "Forever in the Dark"
Thunder Lord "Prophecies of Doom"
Spotlights "Cult Classic"
Split Heaven "Awaken the Tyrant"
Lycia "A Ghost Ascends"
Redwest "C.F.H."
Psyche Corporation "Annabel Lee"
Oranssi Pazuzu "Varahteliji"
Pseudo/Sentai "Sleeping Closer to the G"
Pyrrhon "Forget Yourself"
Rizon "If you Rule the World"
The Great Luke Ski "Neurotica"
The Vestibules "Bulbous Bouffant"
Bonecage "Makeshift Vagina"
Mikey Mason "The Curse"
Worm Quartet "Strap On Brain"
Death Ride 69 "Red Sea"
Striker "Phoenix Lights"
Dead End "Night Song"
Syka "Shock Me"
Wasted Youth "Good Day for a Hanging"
Adept "Rewind the Tape"
Num Skull "Pirates Night"
Dangerous Toys "Gypsy (Black and Blue Valentine)"
The Bronx Casket Co. "Black Valentine"
The Sisters of Mercy "Driven Like the Snow"