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February 21, 2016 - Joe and EVD run the show...

Psyche CorporationJust Joe and EVD hosted about the first half of the program because Azkath was in New Jersey at Wicked Faire filming Psyche Corporation. Just as Azkath got back, EVD played Europe's "The Final Count Down", claiming it was for Just Joe, because it was one of his favorite songs. Well, it used to be, until, while it was playing, Just Joe got a spinning my crotch your face from three people, well two and a puppet. Now, for some odd reason, hearing that song sends Just Joe into hysterics, which I'm sure is why EVD played it, because he is the Evil Villainous Dude, and from the way he was laughing heartily at Just Joe's pain. Joe ran things through most of the show and played some of his favorite stuff from his time on the show.

-Fire Eater Wizard


Circus of Dead Squirrels “The Happy Meal-Worm”
L.A.W. “Of Monkeys and Man”
Sorrow of Batavia “The Wretched One”
One Eyed Doll “Be My Friend”

Armageddon Monks “Severed”
Born in Winter “Paper and Roses”
Insane Ian “Umbrella Chronicles”
Brenda’s Never Been “Soul Sick”
Sickhoose “TIA”

The Commander-In-Chief “Great Expectations”
Horse the Band “Kangarooster Meadows”
I Wrestled A Bear Once “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon”
Divinity Destroyed “Death or Glory”
Meka-Nism “Mekamorphosis”

Mahavatar “Cult”
Missing Marcus “Water’s Rising”
New Animal “Growth and Decay”
Albert Christmas Squirrel “ Giraffe Party 2000”
Nocturne “Alibi”

The Objex “Squeeze”
Schoolyard Heroes “Razorblade Kisses”
The Agonist “Birds Elope With The Sun”
Of Wrath and Ruin “Waters of the Corrupt”
Pandora’s Toybox “Sir Reberal Kortex”

Psychostick “This Is Not A Song, It’s A Sandwich”
Queensryche “Walk in the Shadows”
Sanjuro Fields “Gravity’s Waltz”
A'Rebours “24fps”
Space Farm 2600 “County Line”

Tripping Horse “Warchild”
Unexpect “Orange Vigilantes”
Antagonist Zero “Profound Oblivion”
Behold! The Monolith “The Mithriditist”
Diablo Swing Orchestra “Balrog Boogie”
Europe "The Final Countdown"

Gloominous Doom “Totally Awesome Definitely”
Hot Buttered Anal “Please Kill Me”
Tornado “Flesh Crawling Nightmare”
Worm Quartet “Hair on the Soap”
The Breathing Process “Vultures”

Olathia "Seven Deadly Sins"
Rotting Christ "Ze Nigmar"
Dead to a Dying World "Narcissus"
Scorpions "Make It Real"
Metal Church "Killing Your Time"
Ghost Bath "Golden Numnber"

Brian Posehn “More Metal Than You”
Distorted “Voices From Within”
Frantic Amber “Bleeding Sanity”
Immortal Bird “The Sycophant”
Nechochwen “Traversing the Shades of Death”

Anvil "Daggers and Rum"
Redwest "The Dreamcatcher"
Holy Grail "Descent into the Maelstrom"
The Wakedead Gathering "Blood from the Earth"
Anomalie "Solace"

Tom Smith "I Had a Shoggoth"
Born in Blood "DC is Burning"
Voivod "Forever Mountain"
Jessikill "Metal Knights"
Helion Prime "Live and Die on this Day"

Sodom "Ausgebombt"