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June 12, 2016 - Missing Azkath

0612160217.jpgSo, the day after this show, I, Azkath, was going to do a presentation at Fortfest, which was related to my other radio show, Where Did the Road Go?. Knowing I was going to be up for a very long time, I let Just Joe, Nathan, and EVD start the show for me while I napped. They did well, I think. I took over about 2 hours in, and we did a Tribute to 1992. I also played a bunch of bands that have been in studio over the last 22 years...



Arrayan Path "Lex Talonis"
Misteyes "The Demon of Fear"
Them "Blood from Blood"

The Breathing Process “Vultures”
Magister Templi “Anibus”
Nechochwen “October 6, 1813”
Intrinsic “Die Trying”
Rivers of Nihil “Perpetual Growth Machince”
The Porridgeface “Deaf Forever”

Divinex “Audio Addiction”
Meka Nism “Mouth of God”
Spire “Starcycle”
Gloryhammer “The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee”

Orchid “Helicopters”
Olathia “Hellhound”
Plaugewielder “Existence Is Our Exile”
Killing Gandhi “0100101101000111”
Helion Prime “The Drake Equation”
Megathruster “I Want to Be Your Bruce Campell”

Cradle of Filth “Mother of Abominations”
Avatar "House of Eternal Hunt"
Aktaion "As the Hope Collapses"
Astrakhan "Turgid Waters"

** 1992 Tribute **
Alice Donut "The Son Of A Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects On His Life While Getting Stoned In The Parking in the Parking Lot of a Winn Dixie while Listening to Metallica"
Convulse "The Rite of Sunshine"
Creeper "Where the Wild Things Roam"
Aversion "Hung"

Arcane Opera "Dust of Stars"
Dracula Jones "Wanna Be"
Fear Factory "Self Immolation (Vein Tap Mix)"
Morbid Saint "Burned at the Stake"
Malevolent Creation "Monster"

Pyogenesis "Still Burn in Fire"
Tiamat "Smell of Incense"
Mind at Large "Lunkhead"
Will "All Victorious"

The Sisters of Mercy "Temple of Love (1992 Version)"
My Sister's Machine "I Hate You"
War Babies "Hang Me Up"
Wildside "So Far Away"
King Missile "It's Saturday"

Pitchshifter "Gritter"
Napalm Death "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"
Kreator "Renewal"
Skyclad "The Declaration of Indifference"

Kuolemanlaakso "Roll the Dice with the Devil"
Sabaton "The Lost Battalion"
Hammers of Misfortune "Dead Revolution"
Rage "War"

Lonewolf "Demon's Fire"
Scorn "Oracles":
Fall of Heroes "The Forshadowing"
Volymian "Under a Million Stars"
Unlocking the Truth "Help Me"

Denner / Shermann "Pentagram and the Cross"
Jorn "Live to Win"
Heaven's Cry "If I Only Knew"
Fall "Not of the Sky"
Mythrias "Rise of Mythrias"

Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Lethargy "Humor Me"
Inviolate "The Invocation"
Loki the Grump "Shockingly Happy"
Worm Quartet "Math is Bullshit"

Check Engine "Counted"