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June 19, 2016 - Just Another Night

0619160149.jpgSo another quiet night, with myself, Azkath, Nathan, EVD, and "Doctor Dakota Wheeler". Dylan joined us near the end. We heard some clips from years back with The Almighty Monkey and Crappy the Clown, and The Almighty Monkey was listening, and Dakota seemed to remember them as if, he himself, was Crappy the Clown... So Strange. We did a Tribute to 1993 this night as well. Also included is a short version of my interview with Vanlade, the full one of which can be found in the interview section. 



Love n' War "Love n' War"
Azrael's Bane "Psycho Serenade"
Be'Lakor "Grasping Light"

Winterscape "Rapture Bullet"
Dramatica "It's Alive"
Khaotika "Masters ov Mayhem"
Nervosa "Devastation"

Mustan Kuun Lapset "Veritanssi '16"
3 Kisses "Love is a Grave"
Mortillery "At the Gates"
Warfather "The Dawning Inquisition"

Detente "Holy War"
Genitor "Heart Like Concrete - Live in Studio"
Sanjuro Fields "Crustatian Migration - Live in Studio"
Sarcofago "Sex, Drinks & Metal"

** 1993 Tribute **
Anacrusis "Sound the Alarm"
Damn the Machine "Fall of Order"
Edge of Sanity "Darkday"
Piece Dogs "Who's Got It"

Lillian Axe "Crucified"
Morgoth "Resistance"
Groovy Seeds "Strength in Numbers"
Mind at Large "Slip"

Quicksand "Fazer"
Doro "Bad Blood"
Monster Magnet "Twin Earth"
The God Machine "Purity"

Mind Bomb "Segue"
Bad Religion "American Jesus"
Cop Shoot Cop "Room 429"
Gamma Ray "Heal Me"

Bones Garage "Father's Day"
BWF "Victim of Riches"
Clutch "A Shogun Named Marcus"
Cemetary "Chain"
Cathedral "Ride"

Miranda Sex Garden "Sunshine"
Borgia Popes "Deadsong"
Anathema "Sleepless"
Pyogenesis "Down"

Ministry "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
Bonecage "Sweet Onion Teriyaki (New Subway Theme)"
White Knuckle Riot "Kill Your TV"
Wayfarer "The Dust Lakes"

Vanlade Interview "As Above, So Below"
Doro "Earthshaker Rock - Live"
Kissin' Dynamite "Somebody to Hate"
Mental Coma "Mass Media Manipulation"

Spire "Void"
My Missing Half "Embedded in Tragedy"
Pain of Salvation "Chain Sling (Remix)"
Panopticon "To Make and Idol"

Zeistencroix "Saturated"
Pestifere "Peregrine S Timbre"
Vukari "Invictus Maneo"

Divinity Destroyed "Forsaken"