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October 2, 2016 - Is Justin the AntiChrist?

EVD and Azkath

Present were, EVD, Anna, and, Justin A.K.A. Twelve Inch, whom we have had locked in a basement for the last week and a half, because we needed to be sure that he wasn't the Antichrist, because, if he were the Antichrist, then we could use that to our advantage, to call in favors from Satan, for starters. Justin wasn't very happy about having been locked in a basement for a week and a half, saying the only thing he had found down there was a moldy piece of bread, which he said he had used to "comfort" himself with, which I don't even wanna know what that means. He also seemed upset about having been deprived of cheese. But, he is back up to twelve inches now, so, what is he complaining about?! Instead of revisiting musically a certain year, this time we alternated between old school sets, and new stuff, but the old school stuff were all songs that had no dates on them, so the computer wouldn't have displayed them before when Azkath was looking for particular years. There were segments of Movie Time, TV programs were talked about as well...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Suicidal Tendencies "Clap like Ozzy"
Sahg "Devilspeed"
Somehow Jo! "Go with the Jo"

3D Burn "Queen of Spades"
The Last Ten Seconds of Life "Little Black Line"
Ataraxia "Galatia"
Steve Goodie "I Wanna Eat a Huge Piece of Cheese"
Order of the Dead "Into the Nothing"

3 Inches of Blood "Deadly Sinners"
Lotus Thief "The Book of the Dead"
Spiritual Sickness "Your Life is Mine"
Fire From the Gods "End Transmission"

Belladonna "Injun"
Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall"
Life Sex Death "Some Fucking Shit Ass - Live"
Brunching Shuttlecocks "Kevin Smith"
KMFDM "Godlike"

Exxplorer "Run for Tomorrow"
Kings X "The Burning Down"
Krokus "Midnight Maniac"
Bubba the Love Sponge "Star Wars Jeapardy"
Worm Quartet "Wookie Weenie"
Black n' Blue "Strange Things"

Atrocity "Die Liebe"
Chamber "Maybe First We Die"
Eyes of Fire "Helpless"
If Man is Five "Desolate (with Killa Mex)"
Stryper "Soldiers Under Command"

McAuley Schenker Group "Save Yourself"
Monty Python "Philosophers Song"
Knockin' Boots "Lawnboy"
Kobi LaCroix "I Had a Tuba"
Lion "Powerlove"

Heaven Shall Burn "Black Tears"
Brant Bjork "Humble Me"
Boy Meets Robot" The Robots Will Kill Us All"
Auras "The Ripple Effect"
Bolzer "Spiritual Athleticism"

Enrage "This is Sacred"
Gemini Syndrome "Remember We Die"
Dayshell "A New Man"
The Red Devil Report "Angel's Demon's"
Kirra "Should've Been Gone"

Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper "Walking in the Shadows"
Black Dreams "Soul Stealer"
Meshuggah "Our Rage Won't Die"
Totten Korps "Hastur's Voice Echoes in our Mind"

Candiria "Wandering Light"
Crobot "Not for Sale"
Defiant "Funeral Feast"
Make them Suffer "Let Me In"

The Sisters of Mercy "Nine While Nine"
Pyogenesis "It's on Me"
Savatage "Alone You Breathe (Acoustic)"
Squonk Opera "Dance of the Seven Vowels"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Sopor Fratem Mortis Est"

Deicide "Dead by Dawn"
The Nefilim "Chaocracy"
Blood for Blood "Livin' in Exile"
Ramallah "Drink the Kool-aid"
Rob Balder "RE: Your Brains"

Dirty Looks "Can't Take My Eyes (Off of You)"
Jingo De Lunch "Cowboy Song"
Coven "Another Life"
Crotchduster "Mammal Sauce"

Tigertailz "Livin' without You"
Phantom "Turbocharged"
Plastic Violins of Darkness "Spiral"
Cerebral Fix "Tower of Spite"
The Vestibules "The Car Alarm"
Titanium Black "Cracks of Light"
Zakas "Last Chance Believer"

Madder Mortem "Breaker of Worlds"