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September 4, 2016 - Divinex Live in Studio

Divinex Live

Present were, EVD, Nathan, Dylan, Tim, and, Kevin. The band Divinex was there in the first part of the program. They performed three songs live in The Performance Room. Once again, Nathan did a great job running the sound, except for one instance of feedback, but, hey, nobody is perfect, you can't get everything flawless all the time. The band is a very cool instrumental heavy band, they rock.

We revisited musically the year 1981.

We haven't seen Crappy The Clown lately, and we think we now know why... There have been clown sightings in South Carolina, police have been called about them, because they are disturbing, yep, sounds like Crappy alright.

There were segments of Movie Time, TV was discussed as well.

Azkath played for EVD a couple of cover songs, a cover of a Megadeath, and a Nightwish song, done old time country style, with banjos! Although they were chosen especially for him, he didn't seem to enjoy them at all for some strange reason... People can be so hard to please sometimes!

-Fire Eater Wizard