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November 20, 2016 - Christian Matthew Live

Christian MatthewPresent were, EVD, Nathan, and, Justin. A band performed eight songs live in The Performance Room. It sounded great, Nathan did a good job running the sound. What band, you may ask? Well... That question is a little harder to answer than would normally be the case... It was a two piece band. One guy in it, Claus Butts / Nick Beacon's band is called Live Bombs, which is who he booked the show as, but Live Bombs isn't who was performing. The other half of this band, is just going by his name, Christian Matthew, because, he hasn't thought of anything better he wants to call it yet. So, the band that performed, for now, is Christian Matthew. Wow, I never would have thought telling you what a band's name was could be such a complicated question. Hope you got it, I'm sure you did, you are all smart people. Claus Butts / Nick Beacon brought along an EP of Live Bomb's music, and some songs from it were played, it's a punk band, so they were all short songs. Both people were interviewed, and talked about both bands. they are both cool bands, you can find Live Bombs on Facebook, with links to it's other sites. Christian Matthew is on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, they are both awesome bands. There were segments of Movie Time, TV programs, and Internet shows were talked about as well...

-Fire Eater Wizard


May 10, 2015 - Live Bombs

Claus Butts, Crappy, EVDIt was the week after No Pants Day, and things were much calmer. Sure, some were still traumatized, and none of them showed up. EVD was there, and we had a visit from Claus Butts, formerly of From Space, now with his new project, Live Bombs. Justin stopped in for a bit, and Azkath continued to accidentally call him Nathan. Nathan was MIA. Crappy was there, in yet another persona, and he told everyone of his amazing trip to Disney Land. He had a blast. Eric was there, being Eric. In the end he left as a pretty princess. RJ showed up near the end of the show, and stayed till the end. All in all, far more coherent and sane than last week. We also determined that next week was MORE pants day to make up for the blasphemies of last week.