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February 12, 2017 - Eon West Reads for Us...


Present were, EVD, Nathan, Justin a.k.a. Twelve Inch, Kevin, Eric, and, Eon West. Eon read some of his own poetry from a book. Justin and Nathan were on the floor doing some, um, interesting stuff, Justin was calling Nathan Cuddlebear. He said that was his "Nathan Time". Then Eric decided he wanted some cuddle time with Nathan, which Nathan didn't seem to enjoy at all. At one point, Eric was pantsless. Azkath played a Connect-A-Set, a set of songs that all shared something in common, which everyone was supposed to guess what that was and no one could. He also played some music from vinyl. There were segments of Movie Time, some TV programs were discussed as well... You can find Eon and his stuff at

-Fire Eater Wizard


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Zix "The Warhorse"
Fen" II"
Attacker "Giants of Canaan"
Bethlehem "Die Dunkelheit Darbt"

Nidingr "Valkyries Assemble"
Power Salad "Larry McBrim"
Leathermask "Motherfucker(s)"
We Ride "Self Made"

Hittman "Dead on Arrival"
Oliver Magnum "Evilution"
Exciter "Death Revenge"
TT Quick "A Wing and a Prayer"
Raven "Take it Away - Live"

Mikey Mason "Monkey"
Sulaco "Sap"
Albatwitch "Mirror Tower"
Necrophagist "Fermented Offal Discharge"

Eon West "Shadowy Machine Dreams"
Anthrax "Panic (Joey Belladonna Audition Tape) / Anthrax"
Holy Terror "Black Plague / No Resurrection"

Fearless "Lord of Twilight"
The O'Reillys and the Pattyhats "Bucket of Blood"
Black Happy Day "How They Weep and Moan"
Acid Witch "Metal Movie Marijuana Meltdown"
Joel J Thomas "The Hell of Diets"

Lone Rager "Metal Rap"
Pile Driver "Metal Inquisition"
Stranger "Swamp Woman"
Immaculate Mary "Give It All You Got"
Saint Chaos "Nothing is Forever"

Pyogenesis "I Have Seen My Soul"
Devo Spice "Earworm"
Cognizance "Ether of the Void"
Drive "Kamakaze / Padilla"

Pyogenesis "Still Burn in Fire"
Battle Beast "Bringer of Pain"
Stone Breath "Just Like the River"
Sisters of Suffocation "Tales of a Martyr"
Cold Fell "Bone Ceiling"

Bullet LaVolta" Between the Lines"
Cirque Du So What? "Salary Review"
Persefone "No Faced Mindless"
Heretoir "The White"
Dreaming Dead "No Masters"
Eden House "Neversea"

Predator "Masters of the Night"
Num Skull "Kiss Me, Kill Me"
Ordos "House of the Dead"
Zombie Assault "From Beyond"
HP Lovecraft "The Garden"
The Great Old Ones "Mare Infinitum"

King Diamond "Sleepless Nights"
Behind the Sun "Periapsis"
Clark Ashton Smith "Nyctalops"
Cryptic Prophecy "Legions of the Ender"
L.A. Guns "Kiss of Death"

Armored Saint "Reign of Fire (Live)"
Clark Ashton Smith "Nightmare"
Zix "Metal Strike"