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April 30, 2017 - Vern Returns...


Our old co-host Adam returns to see us after a couple of years, and unfortunately finds the Vern Puppet that controls his mind. It all went downhill from there...

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Helloween "Victim of Fate / Future World / Eagle Fly Free"

Zeal and Ardor "Blood in the River"
Fates Warning "Fata Morgana - Live"
Madder Mortem "Underdogs"
Light and Shade "The Essance of Everything"

Decapitated "Never"
Antichrist "Savage Mutilations"
Roctum "Mission Abort"
Black Fast "Thunder and Lightning"

White Skull "I am Your Queen"
Wednesday 13 "Blood Sick"
Seven Kingdoms "The Faceless Hero"
Steve Goodie "Beaten on a Jet Plane"

Dragged into Sunlight "to Hieron"
Akris "Fighter Pilot"
Iris Divine "Fire of the Unknown"
Brave "Surrounds Me"
Shumaun "Ambrosia"

Coroner "R.I.P."
Public Image Ltd "Phenagen"
Bad Religion "No Direction"
Tesla "Rock Me to the Top"
Slammer "Johnny's Home"

Mustach "Deep in the Woods"
Inviolate "Illusion of Mercy"
Devo Spice "Gravity is Stupid"
Walpyrgus "Dead Girls"
Ides of Gemini "Swan Diver"

Reverend "Legion"
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy "Hearts of Fire"
Anomalie "Spiritual Distortion"
Liv Sin "Endless Roads"
Hellmouth "Hands as Cold as Death"

Pungent Stench "How Can the Bodies Fly?"
The One Through Tens "Fighting for a Golden Age"
KMFDM "Megalomaniac"
Laibach "Life is Life"

Bedowyn "Blood of the Fall"
Isenmor "Saxon Shore"
Valfreya "Alefest"
Wilderun "How Stands the Glass Around?"
Eikthyrnir "The Oracle"

Sabbat "Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?"
Voivod "Chaosmongers"
Hellion "The Warning"
Iced Earth "I Died for You"
King Diamond "Twilight Symphony"

Protest the Hero "She Who Mars the Skin of Gods"
Iron Maiden "Only the Good Die Young"
Fates Warning "A Pleasant Shade of Gray: Part VII"
Queensryche "Speak"
WASP "The Great Misconceptions of Me"

Kobra and the Lotus "Light Me Up"
Beltfed Weapon "Raining Plague"

Helloween "How Many Tears"