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November 24, 2019 - James Debut

Seriah is joined by EVD, Matt, Fidget, and we have the debut appearance of Matt's friend James. Lots of variety of music here, new and old, with everyone throwing in some songs as the night goes on...



Keel "Thunder and Lightning"
On the Sun "Paper is the Devil"
Light and Shade "Wander So Far"

Mustasch "Blood In Blood Out"
Avatarium "Rubicon"
Spoil Engine "Venom"
Warlock "Fight for Rock"

Helleborus "Celestial Grave"
A Storm of Light "Tempest"
Worm "Apparitions of Gloom"
Sodom "Out of the Frontline Trench"

Divine Silence "Reflections"
Umbra Conscientia "Maze of Exile"
Sarcofago "Satanic Lust"
Nazi UFO Commander "Morfee"
Overkill "Wrecking Crew"

Nuclear Assault "New Song / Technology"
Flotsam and Jetsam "NE Terror"

Acrophet "From the Depths / Dead All Day"
Celtic Frost "Return to the Eve"
Death Angel "Cold Gin"

Saxon "Play It Loud"
Waxen "The Oriens of Astaroth"
Big Black "Kerosene"
Horned Almighty "Apocalyptic Wrath"
Detente "Widow's Walk"
Jack Dewar "Decent Human Being"
Bitch "The Bitch is Back"

Aretheyyestheyare "Kriller"
Blessed Death "Alien Impregnation"
Moonskin "Farewell"
Goatwhore "FBS"
Black Fast "Famine Angel"

Rainbow Grave "Brainsick"
Ana Kefr "Monody"
Hellhorse "Paradise Lost"
Dissection "Night's Blood"
Officium Triste "World in Flames"

Oranssi Pazuzu "Vino Verso"
Lord Mantis "Consciousness.exe"
Hexentanz "Ritual Kiss to Satan"
Skinny Puppy "Hexonxonx"
Unexpect "Megalomaniac Trees"
Ne Obliviscaris "Intra Venus"

Aura Noir "Dark Lung of the Storm"
Zifir "A Bleak Portrait"
Divinity Destroyed "Haven"
Blood Incantation "The Giza Power Plant"
Hearesiarchs of Dis "Nocturne Upon the Conticinium"

King Diamond "Masquerade of Madness"
Opposition Party "Living Dead Island (Zombie II)"
King "Ways of the Forest"
Xantum "Pseudogods"
Child Bite "Become an Animal"

Celtic Frost "Dawn of Megiddo"
Seven Witches "Fame Gets You Off"
Dark Angel "Merciless Death"
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Diana Mellifica"
Cemetary "Where the Rivers of Madness Stream / And Julie is No More"

Whisperz "The Cage"
Leviathan "Fucking Your Ghost in Chains of Ice"
Sarea "The Others"
Halshug "Fantasi"
Venom "Blackened are the Priests"

Holy Terror "No Resurrection"
Anacrusis "Child Inside"
Tsunami Bomb "Sinkhole"
Thought Industry "Daterape Cookbook"

Anathema "Sleep in Sanity"