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July 14, 2019 - Eric defeats Just Joe...


Our old friend Ryan came by to visit, as did JT of Undead Messengers and Spit Nickels. Eric and Joe continued to outdo each other in weirdness, with Eric coming out on top this night...

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Edge of Sanity "The Unorthodox / Enigma"
Embrace of Disharmony "De Motv Primodiovm Rervm"
Destruction "Eternal Ban"

Frantic Amber "Soar"
Emperor "Thus Spake the Nightspirit"
Elusive Travel "Art of Letting Go"
Motorhead "Killed by Death - Live"

Lazarus "The Last Chapter"
Darkened "The Offering"
Hallows Eve "There are No Rules / Valley of the Dolls / Metal Merchants"
Vokonis "I Hear the Siren"

Death Angel "Road Mutants"
Holy Tide "Chains of Enoch"
Prong "Beg to Differ"
Van Stone "Our Testicles aren't Symmetrical"
Living in Daydreams "Point Zero"

Grim Reaper "Dead on Arrival"
Northern Genocide "Black Widow"
Megadeth "Hanger 18"
Helvetets Port "White Diamond"
Kix "Hot Wire"

Helix "Rock You"
Faster Pussycat "Don't Change that Song"
Vain "Beat the Bullet"
Bang Tango "Someone Like You"
Motley Crue "Live Wire"

Avantasia "Alchemy"
Dimmu Borgir "Mourning Palace - Live"
VoiVod "Pre-Ignition"
Abbath "Scythewinder"
Aphrodite "Pandora's Box Unleashed"

Pollock "Falling"
Zeal and Ardor "Waste - Live"
Riot V "Flight of the Warrior - Live"
Exodus "And Then There Were None - Live"

Amorphis "Forgotten Sunrise"
Illyrian "Grant Us Eyes"
Edge of Sanity "The Dead"
Obituary "Slowly We Rot"
Consortium of Genius "Brain Vape"

Dream Theater "Metropolis - Part 1 {The Miracle and the Sleeper}"
White Mantis "My Favorite Chainsaw"
Iced Earth "Disciples of the Lie"
Def Leppard "Let It Go"

Alice Cooper "Unholy War"
3Teeth "Exxxit"
Quiet Riot "The Wild and the Young"
Inert "Murderer in Me"
Kreator "Bomb Threat"

Pretty Boy Floyd "Rock 'n Roll (Is Going to Set the World on Fire)"
Carnifex "World War X"
Virus "Seeing is Believing"
Suicidal Angels "Years of Aggression"
Toxik "Heart Attack"

Sabaton "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"
Shadow Gallery "Storm"
Hive "Fear of a Female Planet"
Loudness "Evil Ecstasy"
Ratt "Breakout"

Queensryche "I Don't Believe in Love"
Hittman "Behind the Lines"
Arcturus "Wintery Grey"
Steve Goodie "Death"
Abbath "Bridge of Spasms"

Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Big Robot Dinosaur"
Bullet LaVolta "Because You're Mine"
Skyclad "Deja-vu Ain't What It Used to Be"
Eterne "Flesh Made Word"
Chorus of Ruin "Headstone"
The Sisters of Mercy "1969"

Thought Industry "Watercolour Grey / Bearing an Hourglass"