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July 21, 2019 - A Quiet Show...

Justin and Tim

A fairly quiet show co-host wise, with only Justin and Tim showing up this night. Lots of awesome music, though...

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Paradise Lost "Say just Words"
Elvenking "Heathen Divine"
Bruce Dickinson "The Tower"

Burning Witches "Wings of Steel"
Warfare "Blown to Bits"
Destruction "Betrayal"
Cro-Mags "Hard Times"

Exhorder "My Time"
Trouble "The Misery Shows"
The Neptune Power Federation "Watch Our Masters Bleed"
The Misfits "TV Casualty"

Vagrant "Blinded by Destiny"
Orphaned Land "The Path Ahead / A Never Ending Way"
Opeth "Heart in Hand"
Carpathian Forest "A Forest"

Marilyn Manson "Prelude (The Family Trip) / Cake and Sodomy"
Formicarius "Beyond the Veil of Flesh"
Ministry "Just One Fix"
Vintersea "Skies Sea Ablaze"

At the Gates "Forever Blind"
Amanita Virosa "I Walk Away"
Belladonna "Injun"
Overkill "Bastard Nation"

Thobb Englund "Blood Red Skies"
Pro-Pain "Death on the Dance Floor"
Biohazard "Tales from Hard Side"
Batushka "Polunosznica"

Angra "Lisbon"
Korpiklani "Pivo Pivo"
Limbonic Art "Moon in the Scorpio"
The Offering "Ultraviolence"

The Neptune Power Federation "Flying Incendiary Club for Subjugating Demons"
White Mantis "Cavern on the Ancients"
Paradise Lost "Blood of Another / Pity the Sadness"

Northtale "Shape Your Reality"
Carpathian Forest "Black Shining Leather"
Ritualizer "Night Terrors"
Krashkarma "Cruel Summer"
Bruce Dickinson "Trumpets of Jericho"

The Number 12 Looks Like You "Ruin the Smile"
Danzig "How the Gods Kill"
Finsterforst "Fluch Des Seins"
Helloween "Savage"

Millbastards "Paroled"
Thy Art is Murder "New Gods"
Soto "Hypermania"
Trouble "Run to the Light"

Embrace of Disharmony "De Pavore Mortis"
Orphaned Land "Whisper My Name When You Dream"
Ministry "TV II"
Misfits "We are 138"
Northern Genocide "Neon Antichrist"
Final Breath "Agonized, Zombified, Necrotized"

My Dying Bride "Sear Me MCMXCIII"
Rain Fell Within "The Knowing of You"
Pyogenesis "In the End"
Eyes of Fire "Hopeless"
Paradise Lost "Dead Emotion"

Faith and the Muse "The Silver Circle"
Crypt "Eternal Dreams"
Autumnblaze "Who Are You?"
Eye of Nix "Fear's Ascent"
Tiamat "The Scapegoat"

Anathema "Lovelorn Rhapsody / Anyone, Anywhere"