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May 10, 2020 - Psycho from Roadrunner

PsychoThis week, Seriah and Joe from The Metallic Onslaught, are joined by Mark "Psycho" Abramson, who has been a record rep for 30 years or so, working with Roadrunner Records, Century Media, and others. He shares with us the inside of the industry, and plenty of stories about bands he's worked with, from Type "O" Negative to Rush. Lots of fun stories, and plenty of awesome music to be heard as well. 




Marshall Law "Leviathan"
Dredneks "Shovel"
Winterfylleth "Misdeeds Of Faith"

Entheos "Remember You Are Dust"
Icon Of Evil "Ojcze Wasz"
Creature "La Brièveté De L'aphélie"
Axel Rudi Pell "Gunfire"
Fellwarden "Scafell's Blight"

Motorhead "Ace Of Spades"
Spit Nickels "They Are Motorhead"
Let Us Prey "Halo Crown"
Aeternam "Al Qassam"
Lady Beast "Betrayer"

Cannibal Corpse "Hammer Smashed Face"
Alkymist "Draugr"
Graceless "Here Be Dragons"
Havok "Merchants Of Death"
Magick Touch "Daggers Dance"

Type O Negative "We Hate Everyone"
Demised "The Fall"
An Autumn For Crippled Children "Silver"
Irae (Portugal) "A Blaze In The Mist"
Sojourner "The Apocalyptic Theater"

Silvertomb "Insomnia"
Ara "Jurisprudence"
Nexion "Revelation Of Unbeing"
Lion's Law "Destined To Fall"
Mister Misery "Strangeland"

Slipknot "Solway Firth"
Orange Goblin "The Devil's Whip"
Asofy "Residuo"
Like Rats "Foul Wind"
Bone Cage "Proportional Genitals"

Exhorder "My Time"
Azziard "Le Chemin De Croix"
Stygian Crown "Trampled Into The Earth"
Vuur & Zijde / Impavida "Zilt"

Testament "Children Of The Next Level"
Blackqueen "Needle Grinding Well"
Keverra "Black Tie Event"
Omega Infinity "Venus"

Trivium "Amongst The Shadows & The Stones"
Sorcia "Nowhere But Up"
Sortout "Sever The Serpent's Tongue"
Stonewall Noise Orchestra "Gravity"

Killswitch Engage "The Signal Fire"
Thecodontion "Laurasia-Gondwana"
Pagan (Turkey) "Elenyr"
Vhaldamar "Hell Is On Fire"

Lacuna Coil "Layers Of Time"
Carnivore "Carnivore"
The Accused "You Only Die Once"

Ardra "Carrion Dawn"
Witch Taint "Are You Ready (To Black Metal)?"
Clark Ashton Smith "The Tears Of Lilith"
Seven Spires "Succumb"

Fleshvessel "Bile Of Man Reborn"