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May 17, 2020 - Some Regulars Return...

Last ExitThis week Seriah is joined by a few of his regular co-hosts, Fidget, Justin, and Tony. They talk about a wide variety of stuff, and play some awesome new and old Metal, and more...




Behemoth "Evoe"
From Hell "Lilium"
Couch Slut "The Mouthwash Years"

Mercyful Fate "At the Sound of the Demon Bell"
Helfró "Eldhjarta"
Deathing "Dead World Alive"
Feminazgul "I Pity the Immortal"

Sepultura "Ratamahatta"
Lament Cityscape & Theologian "Old Flyeater"
Dog Chasing Sun "Fire Walks with Me"
YOUNA "Vreveler"

Grotesque "Church Of The Pentagram"
Anthropic "Burn it Down"
Ebony Sorrow "Fistfucking Conceived Reality"
Invictra "Chaos Theory"
Fed Ash "Bereft"

Uncle Slam "Micro Logic"
Curse Of Eibon "Seek To Destroy"
Kadima "Love and Desolation"
Barishi "Entombed In Gold Forever"

Overkill "I Hate"
Destruction "Bestial Invasion" (Live in Germany)
Serment "Sonne, Le Glas Funèbre"
Sxuperion "Death (Bussard Ramjet Malfunction)"

Today Is The Day "This Machine Kills Fascists"
Worm Quartet "Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You"
Shrapnel "Might Of Cygnus"
Umbra Vitae "Polluted Paradise"

Saxon "Hungry Years"
Waysted "Walls Fall Down"
Foul Body Autopsy "Purified Ready To Reclaim" (2020 Version)
Pretty Maids "Sin-Decade" (Live)

Pigface "Insect/Suspect (Pitch A Bitch Edit)"
Blacklab "Forked Road"
Naglfar "A Sanguine Tide Unleashed"
Maelstrom "Army From Ash"

Abbath "Outstrider"
Northern Crown "Leprosarium"
Ensifirum "Rum, Women, and Victory"
Rachet Dolls "Parasite!"

Suicidal Tendencies "Hearing Voices / Fascist Pig"
Nemesium "Archetype"
Khthoniik Cerviiks "Bloodless Epiphany"

Venom "Schizoid"
Karobela "No Mercy"
Lament Cityscape "The Great Reveal"
Mekong Delta "The Hollow Men"

At The Gates "Cold"
Madhouse "Save Your Soul"
Werewolves "Gnaw Their Bones"
Voices Of Ruin "Carved Out"

Whiplash "Last Man Alive"
I Am Destruction "Ruinous Phantasm"
Ordo Atrox Electricus "Beyond the Aether"
Marthe "Sisters of Darkness"

VoiVod "Tribal Convictions"
O'Brother "Halogen Eye"
Kenziner "Tears Of Destiny"
Witnesses "An ending"

Kimberly Freeman "Alone" (Heart Cover)