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May 24, 2020 - Hard Rock Edition

Tim_Eric_and_LanceTim and Lance are the co-hosts of this edition of the Last Exit this week, and we go with a more Hard Rock / Glam theme...

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Mustasch "Morning Star"
Old Bones "Colossus"
High Council "Scion Of The End"

Icon "Raise The Hammer"
Blood Star "The Fear"
Green Carnation "Sentinels"
Dark Divinity "Set In Stone"
Matriarchs "Bitch Wolf"

Stinky "Revival Fire"
Avatar "Silence In The Age Of Apes"
Dark Sarah "All Ears!"
Cerebral Fix "Sphereborn"
Beyond Shadows "Never An Answer"

Bang Tango "Attack Of Life"
Demolisher "STP2"
Judicator "Tomorrow's Sun"
Larry Tritel "Don't You Worry, It's The End Of The World"
Pulse "Black Knight"

The City Kids "Before You Fall"
Pure Tonic "Dead Inside"
Reach "The Law"
Finnugor "Diabolus Et Satanas"
Temnein "Rise Of The Sontarans"

Trouble Tribe "Here Comes Trouble"
Aleah "The Tower"
Astral Sleep "Integratron"
Aversio Humanitatis "The Sculptor Of Thoughts"
Aeons Abyss "Occidental Occultation"

Let Us Prey "Halo Crown"
Kall "Eld"
Sinisthra "Eterne"
Project .44 "Rather Be Dead"
Kyuss "Conan Troutman"

Unleash The Archers "Heartless World"
Striker "Fight For Your Life"
Inisans "Circle of the Serpent"
Sepulchral Frost "Blessed By Fire"
Foretoken "His Rage Made Manifest"

Lipz "Star"
Babylon A.D. "Bang Go The Bells"
Grave Digger "Gathering Of The Clans"
Devil With No Name "Sycophants Of The Covenant"
Centinex "Only Death Remains"

Harem Scarem "No Justice"
Vain "No Respect"
The Cheats "Empty Pockets"
Poltergeist "The Attention Trap"
Junkowl "Quarantine Us All"

Voices Of Ruin "Whispers"
Love/Hate "Blackout In The Red Room"
Oxidize "Crucify Me"
Schwarzschild "Frei"
Zebadiah Crowe "A Horror To The Eyes Of Saintly Men"

Crazy Lixx "Wild Child"
Second Wind "Finisher"
Fides Inversa "Syzygy"
John Norum "Eternal Flame"
Haishen "Beluga"

Hear N' Now "No Road To Ruin"
Mercyless "Litany Of Supplication"
Mosaic "Golden Sunset"
Mind At Large "Long God Day"

The Way Of Purity "Wishing Death Upon You All"