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May 31, 2020 - Kayla Dixon, Vintersea, and High Council Co-Host

May_31.jpgThis edition of The Last Exit is made up of three main interviews, first with Kayla Dixon of Witch Mountain and Dress the Dead, then we talk with a couple members of the band Vintersea, and finally 3 of the 4 members of High Council. All bands pick some of the music, and plenty of new and old music in between!


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Crimson Glory - Dream Dancer
Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins - Ides Of March
Häxan - Skeletons (Short Radio Edit)

Visionatica - She Wolf
Paralysis - Tombstone
My Heavy Memory - Made Of Thorns
Miea - Epiphany Of Dying Sun

Witch Mountain - Nighthawk

Witch Mountain - Hellfire
King Witch - Ancients
Dead Sentry - The Crown
Jason Aaron Wood - Sycophant

Dress The Dead - 1969
Katatonia - Behind The Blood
Eye Of Nix - Ligeia
Midnight Priest - On Your Knees For Metal

Onslaught - Religiousuicide
Almyrkvi - Managarmr
Graveshadow - Gwynnbleidd
Aeons Abyss - Bloodless

Vintersea - Befallen
Dead Bronco - Mutinous Skin
Loudness - This Lonely Heart
Black Rainbows - At Midnight You Cry

Vintersea - Crack Of Light
The Ruins Of Beverast - The Grand Nebula Pulse

Vintersea - Illuminated
Solarcycles - Clouded Stars
Valgrind - Entangled In A World Below
Paralelum - Castle Thunder

Vintersea - The Gravity Of Fall
Ne Obliviscaris - Pyrrhic
Unexpect - Psychic Jugglers

Wintereve - October Dark
Venator - Blind Ambition
Dauþuz - Kerker Der Ewigkeit
Deathstorm - Stygian Black

High Council - Scion Of The End
Judas Priest - Tyrant
Her Chariot Awaits - Say No
Herxheim - Lesson Crescent

High Council - Stormchaser
Insomnium - Meandering Through The Shadows
Empress - Sepulchre
Kirkebrann - Faux Pas

High Council - War
Lör - Upon A Withered Heart
Immortal Sÿnn - Immortal Sÿnn - Anamnesis
Impalement - Within The Court Of Rats

Bruce Dickinson - Omega