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January 24, 2021 - Female Fronted 80's Metal Bands Feature Show

Last ExitTim and Seriah feature bands from the 80's and very early 90's that were female fronted, to expose the sheer talent of women in the earlier days of heavy music, something which seems to be often overlooked. In addition there is plenty of talk about Movies, Music, and much more. They also get to a ton of newer music in this show as well.



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Made Out of Babies - Cooker
Znowhite - Do Or Die
Maldoror - Chant III

Malibu Barbi - When Lightning Strikes
Cultt Of She - Everybody Hates Me
Curse of Eibon - Dagon
Cynabare Urne - Di Inferi Chaos
Chastain - It's Too Late For Yesterday

Leather Angel - We Came To Kill
Dendera - The End Of Days
Desert Near The End - Throne Of Martyrdom
Dread Sovereign - The Great Beast We Serve
Nuclear Death - Homage to Morpheus

Hari Kari - The Blade
Grande Fox - Hangman
Gravehuffer - Hellhound
Hierarchy - Light ov the Morning Star
Tribulation - Funeral Pyre

Hari Kari - Sweet Nightmares
Therion - A'i Dah'ka
Vajra - Maya
Nervosa - People Of The Abyss
Phantom Blue - Frantic Zone

Meanstreak - The Warning
Orbit Culture - Day of the Cloud
Oversense - Whitewolf
The Russian White - Night Mover (Remix by Panic Lift)
Sacred Child - Bad As You Want It

Megace - Something Incomprehensible
Parazit - Neomoira
Mirzadeh - Birth of the World
Perihelion Gnosis - Syzygial Summoning of His Pale-Skinned Majesty
Sacrilege - The Captive

Cycle Sluts From Hell - Conqueress
Mister Misery - Ballad Of The Headless Horseman
Mobday - Clarity
Afronaut - Ghost On The Roof
Wench - Mercy

Rough - Restless kind
Barbara Black - Damnified
Be Under Arms - The Blood Oath
Chmcl Str8Jckt - Destroyer
Warlock - Three Minute Warning

Detente - Holy Wars
Akhlys - Ephialtes
Cosmic Putrefaction - The Glooming Murk Of His Telluric Shrieks
Countless Thousands - Space Nazis Must Die! (Feat. Professor Elemental)
Zed Yago - Pilgrimage

Holy Moses - Current of Death
Emma Ruth Rundle/Thou - Recurrence
Crawling Chaos - The Prince Is Here
Enforced - Hemorrhage
Malteze - Scream Out

Ice Age - Making My Mark
Entheogen - of Remembrance
Gatecreeper - Sick of Being Sober
Ghosts Of Atlantis - Halls Of Lemurai
The great KAT - Metal Messiah

Girlschool - C'mon Let's Go
Giotopia - Spawn Of Abaddon
Marasmus - Appeasing Thanatos
Mariana's Rest - Glow From The Edge
Sentinel Beast - Dogs Of War

Hellion - Screams in the Night
Maudiir - The Slumber
Aberration - II
Valdaudr - Den Evige Ild
Plasmatics - The Damned

D.C. Lacroix - Devil's Son
Bitch - Damnation Alley
Lita Ford - Out for Blood
Znowhite - Disease Bigotry

Fear of God - Drift