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Feb 14, 2021 - Holy Records Feature

Holy Records

In this week's show we explore some releases from Holy Records out of France. They had a great roster of bands back in the 90's, some of which went on to some great things! Plus plenty of new music, movie reviews, and more...



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Holy Terror - Mortal Fear
Mara - Born to Die
Ignited - Pain

Septic Flesh - On The Topmost Step Of The Earth
Mostro + Lindsay O - Xahpoc
Nercronomicon - Give Me Fire
Innersphere - The Darkest Hour
Détente - Genocide (Catalepsy) (Tina Teal 2010)

Orphaned Land - Find Yourself, Discover God
Hierarchy - The Spectacular Sin
Syryn - Paradise for Demise
Songs From Black Spirit - Avalon
The Provenance - Catching Scarlet In The Sun

Misanthrope - Mylene
Turris Eburnea - Cotard Delusion
Unflesh - Amongst Horrors Must I Dwell
Greenleaf - Tides
Anialator - Nuclear Destruction [EP '88]

Nightfall - My Red, Red Moon (Emma O)
Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest
Hænesy - Sinking Deep For A Hidden God
Molten - Dystopian Syndrome
Seduce - Any Time or Place

Gloomy Grim - Elder Ones
Lunar Shadow - I Will Lose You
Mare Cognitum - Frozen Star Divinization
Coffin Mulch - Live Again
Atrophy - Chemical Dependency

Elend - Eden (The Angel in the Garden)
Amorphis - Brother and Sister (Radio Edit)
Jameson Raid - Hard Lines
Project .44 - Everything Is Always Wrong
Bang Tango - Attack Of Life - Live

Serenity - Skin of The Soul
Juliet Ruin - Dark Water (single) (2020)
Lizzard - Blowdown
Rise to the Sky - Liebestod
Holy Terror - A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor

Natron - I Bleed Black
Pantokrator - We the people
Protest - Abuse of Power
Terminal Bliss - The Ominous Hum
Long Winter's Stare - Into the Sun

Chaostar - An Electric Storm Of Thoughts
Sombria - The Soul's Manuscript
Spellforger - Metal Crusaders
Void - III: Through Tooth and Nail
Numb - Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (Cover)

Tristittia - Prelude of Solitude
White Void - This Apocalypse is for You
Tim's Favorite - A Deeper Advantage
Divide & Dissolve - Prove It
Broken Bones - Brainwashed

Exhumation - Awakening
Demiser - Deathstrike
Gizmachi - Look What I've Become (Radio Edit)
Vis Mystica - Whispering Winds of Fate feat. Jonas Heidgert (single)
Deceased - california uber alles

On Thorns I Lay - The Higher Color of Mind (Wrong is Right)
Plagueborne - A Blueprint For Annihilation
Crypts of Despair (Lithuania) - Anguished Exhale
Mx The American - Coming Home
Rajna - Shalai

Godsend - Wolf's Den
Sleepless - Deluded Hordes
Crooked Mouth & Headstone Brigade - The Sun Sets Behind Us
Shock Narcotic - Mutually Beneficial Subterfuge
Yearning - Autumn Funeral

Holy Terror - No Resurrection