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Jan 3, 2021 - Last Exit Overflow


This is an overflow show, trying to catch up with all the awesome new music we had gotten over the previous months that we hadn't gotten to yet. There is some old stuff thrown in as well.



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Vendetta - War
Wild Dogs - Streets Of Berlin
Fifth Angel - We Rule

A Sound Of Thunder - Walls
Abythic - The Call
Clandestine - Phantom Pain
Ad Nauseam - Inexorably Ousted Sente
And Now The Owls Are Smiling - Dirge Ii - Rejection

Asphyx - Knights Templar Stand
August Burns Red - Chop Suey! (System Of A Down Cover)
Phantom Blue - Frantic Zone
Aversed - Impermanent
Ayria - Battle Cry

Badgered - Ultimatum
Bloody Hammers - Hands Of The Ripper
Helloween - Future World
Bootblacks - Traveling Light
Cadaver - Let Me Burn

Cazador - Mean World Syndrome
Cevin Key - Night Flower (With Edward Kaspel)
Cro-Mags - Life On Earth
Anvil Of Doom - ...Waiting
Crystal Viper - Down In The Crypt

Cyrax - Dorian Gray
Dawn Of Ashes - Blood Of The Titans
Love Like Blood - Walking In Demimondes (Underworld Mix)
Dead Quiet - Atoned Deaf
Dead Shape Figure - The Worship Of Ashes

Dusk - Hermit I I
Deathdance - Salt
Tetrafusion - Monologue
Evil (Japan) - 怨殺 Revenge
Front Line Assembly - Feeder

High As Hell - Big River
Keiser - Scourge Of The Wicked
In The Woods - Generally More Worried Than Married
Kevin Strasser - Hell Awaits You
Knogjärn - Stora Och Farliga

Lawrence Wallace - Exuberance
Lament Cityscape - Among The Dead
Lullacry - Crucify My Heart
Lipshok - Answer The Call
Maestitium - Morning Star

Meister Leonhardt - The Crown Of Consenescence
Mourners - Journey In Fear
Ashenspire - Grievous Bodily Harmonies
On War - End And Means
Ötzi - Hold Still

Persuader - Scars
Seeming - Go Small
Severoth - Ненаписані Листи
Six Foot Six - In The Eyes Of The World
Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon (2001 Remastered Version)

Skarlett Riot - Gravity
Solução Final - V
Sunnata - Crows
Sur Austru - Taina
Trouble - Come Together

The Eden House - Sin
Surut - Nousen
Sylosis - Worship Decay
Szary Wilk - Behind The Curtain Of Death
The Ruins Of Beverast - Kromlec'h Knell

These Colors Fade - Beginning_End
Tribulation - Hour Of The Wolf
Tunic - Exhaling
Upon The Altar - Wolfs Of Napalm
Anacrusis - I Love The World

Within The Ruins - Deliverance (Explicit)
Tombs - Once Falls The Guillotine
The Magik Way - Le Vampe
White Nights - Halluncinogenic Black Cubes
Eleine - Dancing In Hell
The Inferno Doll - Conciencia

The Gathering - Nighttime Birds