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Brought to You by the Letter Z - March 27, 2022


This week Seriah is joined by Eon and Tim, and they feature bands that start with the letter Z! Also, plenty of movie reviews and other conversations, and lots of new and old Metal!


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Zeal & Ardor - Feed The Machine
Unleash The Archers - The Matriarch
Oxymor - Dernière Transe

Zakas - Terror Of The Sea
Bâ'a - The City The Old Ones Built
Dead Register - In Between
Sulfure - Stigmate
Zebras - Filled With Fire

Zarraza - Dead Star
Sowulo - Swinhaelethas (Mann)
Tyrannus - A Worse Reality
Abbath - The Book Of Breath
Zed Yago - The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire

Zimmer's Hole - When You Were Shouting At The Devil...
Devo Spice - Just For You
Worm Quartet - Take The Fire Back Promeheus Has Left The Building
Schaffer The Darklord - Boo! (I'm A Ghost!)
Züül - Backstreet Crawler

Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction - Prime Mover
Anima Hereticae - Constellation Of Capricorn
Converge - Coil
Mystic Circle - Letters From The Devil
Zack Shornick And The Pathetic Men - 1999 (Live)

Zombie Apocalypse - Every Horror Every Day
Sartori - From Hell To Heaven
Tome Of The Unreplenished - Toward The Self
Falls Of Rauros - Known World Narrows
Zeni Geva - Tyrannycide

Zaxas - Last Chance Believer
Famyne - Gone
Lotus Thrones - Miasthmatic
Pierced - Devil Of Ramadi
Zavorash - The Conjuration Of The Dead God

Zoetrope - Nasa
Beyond The Styx - Overload
Chronomancy - The Hunting Song
E-L-R - Opiate The Sun
Zao - The Final Ghost

Zarathustra - Embrace Your Insanity
Coraxul - Mania
Izthmi - The Laughable Semblance Of Freedom
Khazad-Dûm - Mountainous Structures
Zonaria - Desert Storms

Fueled By Fire - Mangled Truth
Audio Reign - Angel
Budderside - Never Worth It
Lines In The Sky - Synchronicity I

Zubrowska - Happy Pink Town
Chugga Ritual - Occult Onslaught
Marco Luponero & The Loud Ones - Bite The Night
Dawohl - Institutionalized Hatred
Zombified - Clenched Fist Vengeance

Zebadiah Crowe - Mantel Of Nails And Orphan Skin
Lord Agheros - Hold The Line
Kalandra - Mørke Skoger (Extended)
Anachrist - Anachrist
Zadoc...& The Nightmare - Another Way

Zyklon - Storm Detonation
Mæntra - Ajna
Temperance - Dimension Complete
Midnight - Let There Be Sodomy
Zierler - Darkness Delight

Zandelle - Broken Trust
Zeenon - Immunization
Zvijer - Praznina
Zardens - Afterlife

Znowhite - Something Wicked (This Way Comes)
Zeal & Ardor - Built On Ashes