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December 29, 1996 - Skyclad Feature

Demon Slams SlothSloth and Azkath host the show and play clips from Earlier in the year. Also we have Skyclad as our band feature...

 This Show is from about 2 and a half years after we started The Last Exit for the Lost. It's quite a bit different from the current version of the show. Nice look back, though. Sloth and I did the hosting of most of this, if I remember right, and the whole show is not intact, as we had to use cassette tapes at the show to tape and actually remember to turn them over and switch them. We also did Skyclad as a feature artist on this show...

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Skyclad "Thinking Allowed / The Declaration of Indifference / Emerald"
Arcturus "The Fall of Man"
On Thorns I Lay "The Higher Color of Mind (Wrong is Right)"
Rotting Christ "Snowing Still"
Morgion "In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)"
Show Clip from 1996
Sentenced "Bleed"
Mercyful Fate "Burning the Cross"
Scum "Flames of the Silver Sea"
GWAR "I'm In Love (With a Dead Dog)"
Twilight Kingdom "Angel to No One"

Misanthrope "Mylene / Trumpets of Hypocondria / Schattengesang"
Laibach "God is God"
Psychotica "What is God"
Show Clip from 1996
Nine Inch Nails "Closer"
Diamanda Galas "M Dis II"
Metallica "Helpless"
Skyclad "Earth Mother, The Son, and The Furious Host / The Wrong Song"
Slothy ID
Hole "20 Years in the Dakota"
Bri Bri Calls In
Paradise Lost "Gothic"
Nightfall "My Red Red Moon (Emma O)"
Mortician "Bloodcraving"

Lethargy "Humorless"
Helloween "Victim of Fate"
Show Clip from 1996
Manowar "Thor (The Powerhead) / William's Tale / Battle Hymns"
Savatage "One Child"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "First Snow"
Possessed "Fallen Angel"
Marilyn Manson "The Beatiful People"
Skyclad "Halo of Flies / Land of the Rising Slum / The One Piece Puzzle"
A.C. "I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on Earth"
Show Clip from 1996 - Twilight Kingdom
Exhorder "Desecrator"

Pantera "Shedding Skin"
Impaler "Avowel to Hell"
Slothy ID
King Diamond "Heads on the Wall"
Mercyful Fate "Walking Back to Hell"
Android Lust "Ultraman"
Down by Law "Gruesome Gary"
A Man, a Broom,l and a Soda
SNFU "You Make Me Thick"
Bent Peg "Over the Counter Culturist"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Are You Gonna Eat That?"
Clips from Past Shows
Sax Myle "White Trash / Coffee Black"
Shock Paris "Lost Queen"
Sentenced "Ode to the End"
Orphaned Land "Whisper My Name When You Dream"
Arcturus "Wintery Grey"
Acid Bath "Venus Blue"
Skyclad "Penny Dreadful / The Sinful Ensemble"

Skyclad "R'Vannith / The Ilk of Human Blindness / Tunnel Visionaries / A Word to the Wise / It Wasn't Meant to End This Way"
Making Fun of Bri Bri
Rotting Christ "Archon"
Manowar "Black Wind, Fire, and Steel"
Arcana "The Song of Mourning"
Skyclad "Alone in Death's Shadow"
The Nefilim "Coma"