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Dealer's Choice Show - November 7, 2015

AzkathAzkath and Nathan take turns playing sets of music...


 The Scarlet Ending "Such a Shame"
Faith and the Muse "The Silver Circle"
Antimatter "Mr. White"

The Autumn League "Hope & Dispair / Lament"
The Devil Wears Prada "Planet A"

choose "33"
Circle of Dust "Refractor"
DuskMusik "Everybody Loves Me"

The Birthday Massacre "Falling Down"
Nightwish "Wish I Had an Angel"
Periphery "Jetpack Was Yes"

Stever "Blackguard"
Autumnblaze "So Close Yet So Far"
Peter Buffet "Spirit Dance"

M83 "Reunion"
Death Cab for Cutie "El Dorado"
Modest Mouse "Ocean Breaths Salty"

Fields of the Nephilim "The Watchman"
Psyche Corporation "Dance for Me"
The Great Luke Ski "Fake Adult"

Animals As Leaders "Soraya"
Tesseract "April"
Woe, Is Me "I"

Deya Dova "Footsteps in the Stars"