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Dealer's Choice Show - June 4, 2016

WVBR StudiosMy first Dealer's Choice Show for 2016. Nothing special, just some cool music... It was my 22nd Anniversary of being on WVBR, seemed appropriate to do a show like this.


Psyche Corporation "Dance for Me"
Fall of Man "Lullaby"
Sucker "Fast Nights"

Jon Stickley Trio "Darth Radar"
A New Dawn "Veil of Charity"
3 Kisses "March"

Take Two "Rise Above - Live on The Last Exit"
Throwing Muses "Bright Yellow Gun"
Insane Jane "Your Mouth"

Redwest "The Ballad of Eddie W"
Psychostick "Blue Screen"
District Radio "Waiting Room - Live at The Last Exit"

Fox 45 "Urinal Acid"
Sanjuro Fields "Under the Floor"
K-X-P "Winner"
Whitney Avalon "That Doesn't Make Sense"

Peaches and Crime "Herschel Ganev"
Therion "La Fermeture Eclair (Delphine Cover)"
Craft of Unknown Origin "Glassworld Machine Elves"

Helion Prime "Keep What You Kill"
Beseech "The Shimmering"
Year Of the Goat "Riders of Vultures"

The Lobster Quadrille "Weary - Live"
Lux Interna "Threefold"
The Scarlet Ending "Cold Daylight"

Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas "The Wreck of S.S. Needle"