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Dealer's Choice Show with Jrrbll - August 29, 2015

JrrbllAlmost 30 years ago, John Lovely, aka Jrrbll started Rockin' the Night Away on WVBR. Jrrbll left in the early 90's to move to another station, and eventually the show's name changed to The Metal Cage, and then eventually, The Last Exit for the Lost. On this Dealer's Choice Show, Jrrbll returns to WVBR for the first time in decades to co-host the Dealer's Choice show with Seriah, and talk about how the show started, his views of the music world, and share some stories of the old days...


Night Ranger "you Can Still Rock in America"
Metal Church "Metal Church"
Savatage "Hall of the Mountain King"
The Michael Shenker Group "Broken Promises"

Soen "Void"
Dagoba "I Reptile"
Gojira "Explosia"

Warrior Soul "Salutations from the Ghetto Nation"
Dio "The Mob Rules - Live"
Clutch "Rats - Live"
Dream Theater "Pull Me Under - Live"

Leaves' Eyes "Fading Earth"
Otep "Run for Cover"
Meka Nism "Mouth of God"

Riverside "Feel Like Falling"
Fish "Credo"

Marillion "Sugar Mice"