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Spit Nickels Live in Studio - April 24, 2016

Spit Nickels at The Last Exit

Spit Nickels is a straight out Metal band out of Central New York. They were formed by David Henninger out of the ashes of his former band, Spater. They came here to play a six song set, which you can watch or listen to here in it's entirety. They then came into the main studio to talk with us about the band... You can find them on Facebook

Set List
* Sucker Punch
* Life Can Kill You
* I Like Rock and Roll
* The Gods Song
* They are Motorhead
* You Got Nuthin'


Interview with Karen Stever of Stever - June 2, 2015


Randy (Metalwulf) and I (Azkath) spoke at length with Karen Stever of Stever on June 2, 2015. We discuss her first album, Playground Isolator!, and her brilliant new concept album, Idiot Savant. Stever, hailing from Canada, is a mix of Symphonic Rock and Metal, with some very quirky elements thrown in. Karen is the primary member of the band, along with co-producer Frank Gryner, they are responsible for all that you hear. Inspired in a large part by her fight with depression, her music is utterly fascinating, and he outlook on the world is rather uplifting.  Find more about her at her website. Check out her latest video, Blackguard, below as well.

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