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Interview with Armageddon (Buffalo) - April 6, 2014

Armageddon are a young, Buffalo based Thrash band. We talk; here with Anthony and Tim. We play two of their songs as well, "Aftermath" before the interview, and "Relentless War" afterwards. 
Armageddon started up in the Summer of 2012 as the project of brothers Anthony and Timothy Potenza. With the addition of Derek Schultz, and Patrick Tierney, Armageddon has evolved into a 4-piece thrash metal band. Over their first year Armageddon has played many local shows around the Western New York area, promoting themselves and getting their music out there. One of the noticeable things about Armageddon, is that they have a unique sound. They have taken elements from metal back in the 80’s, to metal from the 2000’s, along with some punk and blended them into a unique sound. The most surprising thing about Armageddon is that two of the members are young kids that are making some of the best thrash metal out there. The older members are 23, 22, and 15 years old while the youngest member is the 12.

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