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Liars All (2013)

Liars All (2013)

This was pretty terrible. Poor acting, slow pace, very little happening. I think they were trying to sell it on being sexy, but it wasn't. There was also no nudity for a movie that seemed like should have had it. A game of truth or dare, played by unlikable characters, and someone dies. They spend the movie at the police station giving parts to the detective. It doesn't make a ton of sense, including the ending. It's tedious to watch. Avoid. 

You probably do not want to watch this on Amazon.

Seriah Azkath

Seriah Azkath is the host of The Last Exit for the Lost. He likes unique things. Diverse things. As for movies, he likes old movies, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy, but is open to most things. As for music, the more original, the more likely he is to enjoy it. Old School wise, he loves Thrash and Punk, and some straight out Heavy Metal.