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Decoder (1984)

Decoder (1984)

Well, this is something. A bit hard to watch. Very experimental. At the same time, not upset I spent the time on it. FM Einheit of Einstürzende Neubauten stars in this, and the basic idea is that Muzak has hidden tones in it, FM discovers this, and uses it to start a revolution. It's weird, cyberpunkish, confusing, but probably worth the watch. I like the story idea, it's just hard to follow at all.

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Seriah Azkath

Seriah Azkath is the host of The Last Exit for the Lost. He likes unique things. Diverse things. As for movies, he likes old movies, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy, but is open to most things. As for music, the more original, the more likely he is to enjoy it. Old School wise, he loves Thrash and Punk, and some straight out Heavy Metal.