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Ragnarok (2014)

Ragnarok (2014)

This was way better than I had expected. Well shot and acted. Swedish. A reseacher is looking for evidence that Vikings had travelled futher than previous known. Instead, they find a monster. Sounds campy, but it's really not. Quite well done and keeps your interest. I guess I was expecting a Sci-Fi Channel type of thing, and got something worlds better. Good monster movie. Intense. 

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Seriah Azkath

Seriah Azkath is the host of The Last Exit for the Lost. He likes unique things. Diverse things. As for movies, he likes old movies, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy, but is open to most things. As for music, the more original, the more likely he is to enjoy it. Old School wise, he loves Thrash and Punk, and some straight out Heavy Metal.