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Open House (1987)

Open House (1987)

This I enjoyed. A B-Rate Slasher film from the 80's. Someone is killing real estate agents, and he may be confessing on the radio! He calls and talks about how it's unfair that people live in these luxurious houses when there are homeless people on the street. So, to even it out, he starts killing the agents. At least that is the general idea. It's fun and entertaining. Not good by any means, but if you like this type of movie, this is worth the watch.

I think it's only on VHS, but you can find it on Amazon

Seriah Azkath

Seriah Azkath is the host of The Last Exit for the Lost. He likes unique things. Diverse things. As for movies, he likes old movies, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy, but is open to most things. As for music, the more original, the more likely he is to enjoy it. Old School wise, he loves Thrash and Punk, and some straight out Heavy Metal.