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Evil Twin "The Silence Soiled"

There is no good way to classify the music that Evil Twin made. They were from the Binghamton, NY, area back around 1995. We had them up to the radio show a whole of once, and I don't think I ever got to see them live. This demo I really love. I like stuff like this, catchy, and strikingly original. Karen Mittelstadt provides some interesting vocals, far deeper than usual for most female vocalists, as well as playing cello on all the songs. Burt Mueller provides the guitars and programming, and the guitars are secondary to the cello in a lot of cases. Finally, Generic Mike covers the drums and synths. Overall, you have something strange and unique. They changed their name near the end to Vitriola, and then shortly later broke up. What you have in this download is their only demo that I am aware of. Quite well recorded, all it needed was a little cleaning and mastering. Also included was a song called Down, which they recorded right after the demo was released. And finally, the last 5 songs are from their incarnation as Vitriola, all released on two compilation CD's. Enjoy.

Download: Evil Twin "The Silence Soiled"

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