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Lethargy - Live April 12, 1995 at Vertex

Here is some cleaned and mastered live video from Lethargy. From Rochester, NY, Brann Dailor went on to drum for Mastodon, and Eric Burke is in a million bands and projects, including Sulaco, Nuclear Assault, and Brutal Truth. Lethargy was always one of my favorite bands to see live, and I did so as much as possible. I did not record this, and thanks to Chris Dalcin for the recording. I plan on uploading the other two bands from this show, Windbreed and Pigmaster, soon...

The Vimeo page is here; and you can download the MP4 from there if you want.




Forward Now - smileremover (1995 Demo)

Now THIS, is brutal. Industrial Metal that just caves in your skull. I do believe that this was their only release, and I also think that they helped out on a track from Slave One on their release, which I will probably post sometime later. Just two guys, in your face, uncompromising noise. Yet another great band from the Rochester, NY area that went mostly unnoticed. They do have a webpage up with very little info, but they did do some other stuff. Anyways, enjoy, all newly mastered...

Download: Forward Now "smileremover"

Forward Now Cover