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February 13, 2005 - Crow and Ritchie

PushrodsThe band If Man Is Five did finally stop by the show... However, they were having lots of problems that night, and were broken, so, unfortunately, they were not able to go on air, just stopped in briefly to explain this. So, another time... Ritchie and Crow of The Pushrods were both there, as was Just Joe. They have come up with a new concept which they hope to make a regular thing (or as regular as anything can be on LE)... It's called The Just Joe's Challenge, and it goes like this... When they do it, they will come up with a task for Just Joe to perform, and, if he is successful, he will get some kind of reward, like being able to hear his favorite bands, or something. This week his first task was relatively easy... He was supposed to distract Ritchie while he was trying to perform a song, and keep him from getting through it. This, of course, was not too hard, even with the stipulations... Which were that he could not touch Ritchie at all to distract him... Still, he succeeded quite easily, he got right up in his face and tried to feed him a cupcake. It worked. And so that was Just Joe's first challenge, which went quite well for him. I'm sure that his future tasks will be harder... After all, distracting Ritchie... Ritchie can get distracted when noone is trying to distract him. Besides, he is getting used to trying to play through Just Joe's antics. Ritchie performed many songs throughout the night. And, in the final portion of the show, we got to hear the entire performance of the band The Witching from The Xtreme Soundscapes DVD release show back in November. 

- Fire Eater Wizard

Playlist for The Last Exit for the Lost: February 12, 2005
(R) = Requested

Avec Tristesse "I Am But One / All Love is Gone"
Within Temptation "Stand My Ground"
High on Fire "Sons of Thunder"
Epoch of Unlight "The End of All"
Cadaveria "Eleven Three O Three" (R)
Porcupine Tree "Shallow"
Augury "Cosmic Migration"
The Pushrods "We're So Successful"
Novembers Doom "Swallowed by the Moon"
Frantic Bleep "Sins of Omission"
Primordial "The Song of the Tomb"
Extreme Noise Terror "When Gods Burn" (R)
Others "Not a Word"
Worm Quartet "Great Idea for a Song / Recursively Anatomically Correct" (R)
Future 86 "Tour Bus"
Enslaved "Lunar Force"
ICP "Fuck the World" (R)

** MY Space Pic of the Night **
Fillmore Slim "No Stranger" (R)

If Man is Five "Waltz / Hemmorage - Acoustic"
The Pushrods "Elmira - Acoustic"

** Tribute to the Past Set **
Judas Priest "Fever" (R)
Nitro "Frieght Train"
Manowar "Hail and Kill - Live" (R)
Pretty Maids "Future World"
Overkill "Wrecking Crew"

GWAR "Lost God"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Are You Gonna Eat That?"
Alabama Thunderpussy "Whore Adore"
Dio "The Last In Line - Live"
Kreator "World Anarchy"
The Pushrods "Looking for Snatch - Acoustic"
Crank Daddy "People Whose Asses I could Kick"
Divinity Destroyed "Void"
Behemoth "XUL"
Dark Tranquility "Am I 1?"
Kill Your Idols "We've Tried Nothing and We're Out of Ideas"
Soilwork "The Crest Fallen"
Atom and His Package "Hats off to Halford"
Judas Priest "Revolution"
Needulhed "Toasting Marshmellows"
Angkor Wat "The Search / Awake!"
Empyrean Sky "Into the Depths"
Manowar "Each Dawn I Die" (R)
White Knuckle Trip "Wearing the Red Dress"
Transmission 0-0 "Ether"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "The Skeletal Garden"
Comeback Kid "Waking the Dead"
Oathean "The Origin"
Pungent Stench "Apotemnophiliac"
Razor Crusade "Osaka Android"
Elusive Travel "All the Things I'd Die For"
Dead Silent Slumber "Raising the Suicide Chalice"
Human Drama "The Ways and Wounds (of My World)"
Queensryche "I Will Remember (Unplugged)"
MSG "Save Yourself"
Skid Row "Psycho Therapy"
Serpico "Zombie"

The Witching Live 11-22-04 Castaways, Ithaca