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February 6, 2005 - A Quite Night

Just Joe was not there, probably recuperating from all his beat downs at The Metallic Onslaught the night before. Although, the reason he gave was that he was home sick. (sick from the beatdowns, probably).  :p The Penguin was there briefly. Richie from The Pushrods was there. He performed many pushrods's songs and one Beatles song live and acoustic. And, interestingly enough, even though Just Joe was not there to distract and molest him, he still couldn't remember the words to his songs, and had a hard time getting through them, and still even on one of them, could not get through it at all. Which I guess just proves that he can't remember anything, and is easily distracted.    Since he did not have the excuse (completely valid and understandable excuse though it is) of Just Joe, what else is there to conclude?    It was amusing, though, and the songs rocked, as always. 

- Fire Eater Wizard

Playlist for The Last Exit for the Lost: February, 6, 2004
(R) = Requested

Background: Nox Arcana "Darklore Manor"

Empyrean Sky "Love Posion"
Kreator "Under a Total Blackened Sky"
Angkor Wat "Emotional Blackmail"
Lilitu "Fragments of My Reflection"
Pungent Stench "The Passion of Lucifer"
Coffee Inc. "Monsanto"
Oathean "Beyond the Memories I Lost"
ICP with Twiztid "Dirt Ball" (R)
Augury "From Eden Estranged..."
Future 86 "Let's Go!"
Augury "Becoming God"
The Old Dead Tree "Joy and Happiness"
If Man is Five "Escape"
The Pushrods "She Works at Burger King - Acoustic"
The Pushrods "I Need a Girlfriend with a Fucking Job"
Avec Tristese "A View of the End"
Fates Warning "Crawl"
Megadeth "Back in the Day"
Finntroll "Fiskarens Fiende"
The Pushrods "Help Me Dr. Phil - Acoustic"
Worm Quartet "Great Idea for a Song"
The Plank Boys "Under the Influence"
King Diamond "So Sad - Live"
If Man is Five "Choking on the Past - Acoustic"
Lux Occulta "Nude Sophia"
The Pushrods "Old People are a Pain in the Ass - Acoustic"

** MySpace Pic of the Week **
Polyandrium "Velvetine Tearsdrops"

Transmission 0-0 "Dust Like Sand"
High on Fire "Brother in the Wind"
Graveworm "Outside Down"
ICP "Hokus Pokus" (R)
Black Labeled "Almighty"
Anorexia Nervosa "Diver the Necessities of the Body" (R)
Mushroomhead "Before I Die" (R)
Robot Goes Here "Bizack in Blizack"
The Mighty Nimbus "Drinking on a Pile of Skulls"
Tenacious D "Explosivo" (R)
Never the Sunshine "Show Me How / Follow the Circle Down"
The Pushrods "Relationship Destroyed - Acoustic"

** Tribute to the Past Block **
Kreator "Flag of Hate"
Kick Axe 'Heavy Metal Shuffle"
VoiVod "Psychic Vacuum" (R)
Judas Priest "Desert Plains"
Angkor Wat "Warsaw"

Exodus "Sealed with a Fist" (R)
The Great Luke Ski "88 Lines about 44 Simpsons"
.30 Caliber "It's Gone Black"
Anvil of Doom "Milennium"
Others "The Fear Of..."
Persephone "My Prayer / Immersion"

Feature Artist: The Accused

Pounding Nails (Into the Lid of your Coffin)
War=Death '88 (and Beyond)
Saturday Night Special
2 Hours Till Sunrise
Devil Woman
Grinning (Like an Undertaker)
I'd Love to Change the World
M is for Martha
You Only Die Once
Green Eyed Lady
Starved to Death
When I was a Child
4 Bucks
The Maddest Story Ever Told
Boris the Spider
Scarred of the Dark
Judgement Day
Martha's Revenge
Light's Out
I'll be Glad When You're Dead
The Hearse