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February 6, 2005 - A Quite Night

Just Joe was not there, probably recuperating from all his beat downs at The Metallic Onslaught the night before. Although, the reason he gave was that he was home sick. (sick from the beatdowns, probably).  :p The Penguin was there briefly. Richie from The Pushrods was there. He performed many pushrods's songs and one Beatles song live and acoustic. And, interestingly enough, even though Just Joe was not there to distract and molest him, he still couldn't remember the words to his songs, and had a hard time getting through them, and still even on one of them, could not get through it at all. Which I guess just proves that he can't remember anything, and is easily distracted.    Since he did not have the excuse (completely valid and understandable excuse though it is) of Just Joe, what else is there to conclude?    It was amusing, though, and the songs rocked, as always. 

- Fire Eater Wizard