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January 2, 2005 - Demon's Pick Show

Demon's Pick ShowThis weeks show began at midnight right after New Years Day, and was the first ever Demon's Picks Show, which meant that The Demon Azkath devoted the show to playing his favorite music and (except for listener requests, of course, which are always taken) picked all the selections and only played stuff which he personally liked and thought was really good. Well, actually, not quite all, his show was briefly hijacked, but more on that in a bit. Just Joe was absent this week and they didn't know why. (Perhaps he got himself arrested again to try and beat his new record of time spent in jail - four hours - so he can claim to be even more hardcore. He does, after all, have competition now for claiming the mantel of being most hardcore, as he has to top Gorgar, who has a broken neck, which is truly hardcore.) However, one of the other people present for this night claimed credit for Just Joe's absence. Lance from The Metallic Onslaught said that he was responsible. Lance said that in retaliation for the many disparaging remarks Just Joe has been making about him lately, (calling him gayer than Zoltan, which are truly fighting words, and saying that he was not hardcore), he had kicked his ass and thrown him down the stairs repeatedly, finally finishing him off with a shoe to the head. And Lance has had a lot of experience with throwing people down stairs, after all, having done it to Jeffie many times. So Lance said that it was due to this severe beat down that Just Joe was not there. And, btw, still no word on the fate of poor Fritz. Also present on this first show of the brand new year were: Tim from Victory Records, Rub McGroin, and Ritchie (the vocalist and guitarist for The Pushrods.). Ok, now the promised more on the brief hijacking of Azkath's picks show... Lance asked if (since Old Joe never lets him pick sets on MO) he could play a set or two of his picks. Azkath told him that this night was reserved for him only to pick the sets, and, that if Lance wanted to get to choose some music, he would just have to show up on the show a bit more often. (Lance has not been on LE for months). Lance asked Azkath what the hell was going on in the hall!? Azkath said that there was nothing going on in the hall, but Lance insisted that there were very bad wrong things happening out there that Azkath might be held responsible for (fixing and cleaning up and such) if he did not see to putting a stop to them. Azkath finally decided to go have a look... whereupon Lance immediately shut and locked the door instructing everyone to not let the Demon back in, and proceeded to play some of his favorite selections. However, Lance's reign of control was to be short lived, (he got to play about five songs), as Rub let Azkath back in. Of course Lance would pay for this act of mutiny. Azkath caught him and duct taped him to the top of Tim's car. He also put duct tape over Lance's mouth. Azkath told Tim to leave Lance there for their entire ride home, which Tim said he would do. Ritchie played some Pushrods songs acoustically, and took requests on which songs he should play. However, He could not remember the words to one of his own songs which was requested. This just happened to be my request btw... He tried to perform it, but just could not remember it, so it had to be put off for a bit until his memory could be refreshed. He finally did manage to do it. I'm sorry Ritchie, I didn't mean to make things so difficult for you by requesting one of your own songs. It was quite amusing. Later, Ritchie attempted to perform a song which he said he had just composed and wanted to send out to all the girls in the chatroom. He tried but kept cracking up while singing it, so we never got to hear very much of it. But, what we did hear was very funny something along the lines of how the girls would never talk to him face to face, but only online. Hearing him try to sing it and badly cracking up was also very amusing. I think there is a great song for the band in this when/if he finishes composing it. And thus went the first ever Demon's choice night and the first show of the new year. It was an amusing fun night. 

- Fire Eater Wizard