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April 24, 2016 - Spit Nickels Live in Studio

Spit Nickels

Present were, Nathan, The Person Formerly, and sometimes still, Known As Crappy The Clown, and, R.J.. Dave Henninger, formerly of the band Spater, was there with his new band, Spit Nickels in the first part of the night. They played six songs live in The Performance Room. They rock. And, as always, a shout out to Nathan for doing a great job running the sound. A track from their CD was played as well. You can find Spit Nickels on Facebook, and on Bandcamp. Dave also has a cool metal on-line magazine, Dave is also the founder of The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, which is just under a month away. It's a free, two day event, and, his band, along with twenty seven other bands will be performing this year. Dave talked about that, told us all of the bands who will be there, and also told us all about his new band, and what they have been, and will be, up to. The Old School Hour was at 3:00, and was actually close to two hours long, and featured all music from the year 1986. There then was a mixture of new music, and music played off vinyl...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Spit Nickels Live in Studio - April 24, 2016

Spit Nickels at The Last Exit

Spit Nickels is a straight out Metal band out of Central New York. They were formed by David Henninger out of the ashes of his former band, Spater. They came here to play a six song set, which you can watch or listen to here in it's entirety. They then came into the main studio to talk with us about the band... You can find them on Facebook

Set List
* Sucker Punch
* Life Can Kill You
* I Like Rock and Roll
* The Gods Song
* They are Motorhead
* You Got Nuthin'


August 30, 2015 - James Returns...

LEPresent were, EVD, Nathan, Rick from "The Metallic Onslaught", Dave, organizer of The Finger Lakes Metal Fest, formerly of the band Spater, and now of his new band, Spit Nickels, and, someone who hasn't been here in nine months, James. At first James tried to claim time loss, like Kal, saying that he had just left, but, later, he said that he had been "On the farm", whatever that means, and, I really don't wanna think about what that might mean. Dave and Rick talked about an upcoming event they will be participating in, a kind of Metal Fest for the fall, it's at the same venue, and a bunch of bands will be performing, one of which will be Dave's new band, which he also talked about. Azkath put Nathan's cell phone in his pants, and EVD dialed Nathan's number to make it vibrate. EVD and James got massages, and James got slapped in the face a lot, because there was a song entitled "Slap Your Face", and, every time the title was said, James got slapped in the face, so, of course, everyone said that title a lot. Nathan got to play a set of music. At 3:30, The Cover Set. It was Go Topless Day, but no one got topless, The Worst Co-Host In The World, Dave, had promised to show up and get topless, but, well, he doesn't have that title for no reason. So now we have re-named the Dave who was there, The Wrong Dave. There were segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

- Fire Eater Wizard