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October 16, 2016 - Play that Country Tuba, EVD!

Justin, Kevin, EVDPresent were, EVD, Justin, Kevin, R.J., and, briefly, for one talk break, another band he brought with him, they introduced themselves. We revisited musically the year 1999, that was for Justin, who had said that he didn't think any good metal came out in that year, he was proven wrong, and admitted it. We did something for the first time, went live on Facebook, so that the world could see EVD's reaction to a song that was played just for him, the band The Vandals (see video below), doing "Play That Country Tuba Cowboy", EVD just loved it, dancing around and playing air tuba to it. We learned about a new product on the market... A gulf club that you can pee into if you are so into your game that you don't want to tear yourself away from it, even for a few minutes. We're getting EVD one, it's called the Euro Club, though it should be called the Urine Club. There were segments of Movie Time, the TV program South Park was mentioned as well...




 Monster Magnet "Last Patrol"

Light & Shade "Drown in the Absurdity"
Thee Final Chaptre "All for One"
Witchery "Escape from Dunwich Valley"
Thy Catafalque "03 10^(-20) Ångström"
Anciients "Pentacle"

Dracula Jones "Shove"
Code 10-56 "Cum Pirate - Live in Studio"
King Diamond "In the Fire"
Leaves Eyes "Fires in the North"
Demonos "From Sacred to Profane"

** 1999 Tribute **
Sonata Arctica "Unopened"
Overkill "Black Line"
Virgin Steele "Through the Ring of Fire"
Crimson Glory "Edge of Forever"

Skunk Anansie "Charlie Big Potato"
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Dance with Me"
Steven Lynch" Kill a Kitten"
Avulsed "Nice Rotting Eyes"

The Vandals "Play that Country Tuba, Cowboy"
The Electric Hellfire Club "Shout at the Devil"
Maudlin of the Well "Ferocious Weights"
Kreator "Chosen Few"

Graveworm "Prophecies in Blood"
Dismal Euphony "All Little Devils"
Gardenian "Tell the World I'm Sorry"
Nokturnal Mortem "On the Moonlight Path"

Worm Quartet "Intro (Bunny Bunny Wop Wop) / Coffee"
Mindless Self Indulgence "Bitches"
Michael Monroe "Just Because You're Paranoid"
Nerf Herder "Pervert"
Carnival in Coal "Maniac"

Therion "The Crowning of Atlantis"
Finntroll "Rivfader"
Unexpect "Vespers Gold"
Add N to (X) "Buckminster Fuller"
The Kovenant "New World Order"


Nocturne "Alibi"
Testament "Brotherhood of the Snake"
Venom Prison "Celestial Patricide"
Beyond Threshold "In the Name of Faith"
Amaranth "Fury"

Dead Conspiracy "Blood Everywhere"
Twilight Force "Riders of the Dawn"
Zornheym "A Silent God"
Ade "Across the Wolf's Blood"

Cognative "Birthing the Deformity"
Ideology "Bliss"
Oddhums "Dimgaze"
Perikato "Natokiima"
Antagonist "Lies After Death"

** 1999 Tribute **
Aesma Daeva "O Death (Rock Me Asleep)"
Ah Cama-Sotz "None of This is True"
Behemoth "Decade of Therion"
Hagalaz' Runedance "When the Falcon Flies"
Wumpscut "Totmacher"

NOFX "The Decline"

Waltari "Broken Bizarre"
Der Blutharsch "Track VII"
Demented are Go "Body Bag"
Atomine Elektrine "Atom Xtension"
Engine "Falling Star"

Angra "Lisbon"
Codeseven "It Could Happen"
Demons & Wizards "Blood on My Hands"
Brimstone "Carving a Crimson Career"

Overkill "The Years of Decay"




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