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January 1, 2017 - 50 Years of Metal Show


This LE fell right on New Years Day, they both began at midnight. It was a 50 Years Of Metal Show, we looked back at 50 years of metal, from 1967, to 2017, the whole night comprised of sets of songs working our way up to the present, ending with a song that Azkath has as a promotion, but which doesn't actually come out 'til the middle of January. Except for a three song set at the beginning of the program, three songs talking about New Years, LE style. Present were EVD, and, Eric. And a shout out to former co-host, The Almighty Monkey, who was listening, and first suggested that EVD was actually Michael Jackson, and then Lemmy from Motorhead, that they had never really died. EVD denied this, but, well, you never know, I mean, have you really ever seen him and Michael Jackson, or Lemmy, together? There were segments of Movie Time, a TV program was recommended as well. And so thus went the New Years Day LE...

- Fire Eater Wizard

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Devo Spice "On New Years Eve"
Psychostick "Happy Fucking New Year"
Mikey Mason "Another New Year"

Bitter Creek "Plastic Thunder" (1967)
T. Rex "Dwarfish Trumpet Blues" (1968)
The Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (1969)
Sir Lord Baltimore "Lady of Fire" (1970)
Alice Cooper "The Ballad of Dwight Fry" (1971)

Jerusalem "Kamakazi Moth" (1972)
Socrates Drank the Conium "Death is Gonna Die" (1973)
Budgie "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" (1974)
Black Sabbath "Symptom of the Universe" (1975)
Judas Priest "Dreamer Deceiver" (1976)

Scorpions "We'll Burn the Sky" (1977)
The Damned "Stab your Back" (1977)
Ace Frehley "Rip it Out" (1978)
Motorhead "Stone Dead Forever" (1979)
Angel Witch "Angel Witch" (1980)

Saxon "Denim and Leather" (1981)
Girlschool "C'mon Let's Go" (1981)
Fear "I Don't Care About You" (1982)
Mercyful Fate "Nuns Have No Fun" (1982)
Motley Crue "Too Young to Fall in Love" (1983)

Exciter "Rising of the Dead" (1983)
Dio "Mystery" (1984)
D.R.I. "War Crimes - Live at CBGB's (1984)
Carnivore "The Legion of Doom" (1985)
Leatherwolf "Rule the Night" (1985)
The Sisters of Mercy "Nine While Nine" (1985)

Hallow's Eve "Nobody Lives Forever" (1986)
Fearless Iranians from Hell "Iranian Klan" (1986)
Flotsam and Jetsam "Iron Tears" (1986)
Fifth Angel "Call Out the Warning" (1986)
Fates Warning "Giants Lore (Heart of Winter)" (1986)

Death Angel "Mistress of Pain" (1987)
Chastain "The Wicked are Restless" (1987)
Anthrax "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) (1987)
Vicious Rumors" The Crest" (1988)
Vio-Lence "Bodies on Bodies" (1988)

Sepultura "Primitive Future" (1989)
Morbid Angel "Blasphemy" (1989)
Obituary "Find the Arise" (1990)
Warrior Soul "I See the Ruins" (1990)
Death "Lack of Comprehension" (1991)
Lawnmower Deth "Sumo Rabbit and his Inescapable Trap of Doom" (1991)

Dream Theater "Pull Me Under" (1992)
Gamma Ray "Insanity and Genius" (1993)
Machine Head "Davidian" (1994)
Monster Magnet "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" (1995)
Crisis "Wretched" (1996)
Skyclad "Penny Dreadful" (1996)

Bruce Dickinson "Accident of Birth" (1997)
Therion "The Birth of Venus Illegitima" (1998)
Sonata Arctica "Blank File" (1999)
Nevermore "The Heart Collector" (2000)
After Forever "Monolith of Doubt" (2001)

Tristania "The Modern End" (2001)
Nocturne "Happy" (2002)
Cradle of Filth "Babylon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)" (2003)
3 Inches of Blood "Revenge is a Vulture" (2004)
Divinity Destroyed "Haven" (2005)

Disillusion "Save the Past" (2006)
Nightwish "Bye Bye Beautiful" (2007)
Psyche Corporation "Lee Lee The Wondergirl" (2008)
Distorted "Reveal My Path" (2008)
Kimberly Freeman "Overdose" (2009)

Oxymor "Démon Des Mots" (2009)
Overkill "Bring Me the Night" (2010)
Unexpect "Orange Vigilantes" (2011)
Circus of Dead Squirrels "What We Deserve" (2012)

Birth A.D. "I Blame You" (2013)
Behemoth "Furor Divinus" (2014)
Year of the Goat "World of Wonders" (2015)
Light and Shade "Welcome the Cold" (2016)

Ancestral "On the Route of Death" (2017)