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January 6, 2019 - 50 Years of Metal

VinylThis was our annual 50 years of Metal show, running from 1969 up to 2019. Fidget took over MOST of the 70's, and of course, as usual, we got stuck in the late 80's, but we made it to the end just in time... Also, despite the title, we cover various types of music that you will normally hear on The Last Exit, not JUST Metal...

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The Stooges "1969" (1969)
MC5 "The Human Being Lawnmower" (1970)
Leaf Hound "Freelance Fiend" (1971)
Alice Cooper "Desperado" (1971)
Hawkwind "Lord of Light" (1972)

Black Sabbath "Tomorrow's Dream (Live)" (1973)
Kraftwork "Comet Melody 2" (1974)
Death "Politicians in My Eyes" (1975)
Scorpions "Pictured Life" (1976)
The Ramones "Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World" (1976)

Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer" (1977)
DEVO "Uncontrollable Urge" (1978)
The Germs "Ritchie Dagger's Crime" (1979)
Circle Jerks "World Up My Ass" (1980)
Diamond Head "Helpless" (1980)

Znowhite "Hell Bent" (1981)
The Plasmatics "Doom Song" (1981)
Samson "Go to Hell" (1981)
Venom "Welcome to Hell" (1981)
The Misfits "All Hell Breaks Loose" (1982)

Discharge "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" (1982)
Mercyful Fate "Doomed by the Living Dead" (1982)
Dead Kennedys "Bleed for Me" (1982)
Warlord "Lucifer's Hammer" (1983)
Hanoi Rock "Until I Get You" (1983)

Bad Brains "Big Takeover" (1983)
DRI "Sad to Be" (1983)
Quiet Riot "Breathless" (1983)
Judas Priest "Love Bites" (1984)
Twisted Sister "Burn in Hell" (1984)

Sentinel Beast "Sentinel Beast" (1986)
WASP "Show No Mercy" (1984)
Dio "I Speed at Night" (1984)
Thrasher "Burning at the Speed of Light" (1985)
Keel "Speed Demon" (1985)

Celtic Frost "Jewel Throne" (1985)
Warrior "Only the Strong Survive" (1985)
Megadeth "Last Rites / Love It to Death" (1985)
Faith No More "We Care a Lot" (1985)
Leatherwolf "Magical Eyes" (1985)

Racer X "Loud and Clear" (1986)
Nuclear Assault "Betrayal" (1986)
Fates Warning "Valley of the Dolls" (1986)
Flotsam and Jetsam "Fade to Black" (1986)
Sword "Children of Heaven" (1986)

Slayer "Angel of Death" (1986)
Hellion "Screams in the Night" (1987)
Death Angel "Mistress of Pain" (1987)
Testament "COTLOD" (1987)
Anthrax "I'm the Man" (1987)
Manowar "Black Wind, Fire, and Steel" (1987)

L.A. Guns "One More Reason" (1988)
Holy Terror "Debt of Pain" (1988)
Obituary "Slowly We Rot" (1989)
Destruction "Thrash Attack - Live" (1989)
Entombed "But Life Goes On" (1990)

GWAR "Sick of You" (1990)
Morbid Angel "Brainstorm" (1991)
Anacrusis "Dream Again" (1991)
Skyclad "The Declaration of Indifference" (1992)
Wildside "Lad in Sin" (1992)

Thought Industry "Horsepowered" (1993)
Bile "Get Out" (1994)
Nevermore "Sea of Possibilities" (1995)
The Great Kat "Cyberspeed" (1996)
Lake of Tears "Lady Rosenred" (1997)

Doro "Terrorvision" (1998)
Rotting Christ "Sleep the Sleep of Angels" (1999)
Ignite "No Regrets" (2000)
Big Dumb Face "Voices in the Walls" (2001)
Blood for Blood "Dead End Street" (2002)
Schoolyard Heroes "Attack of the Puppet People" (2003)

Worm Quartet "Archie Got an STD" (2004)
Ramallah "Drink the Kool Aid" (2005)
Mose Giganticus "My Machine" (2006)
Hot Buttered Anal "Please Kill Me" (2007)
Made Out of Babies "Peew" (2008)
Kreator "Destroy What Destroys You" (2009)

The Clan Destined "A Beautiful Start to the End of the World" (2010)
Volture "Volture" (2011)
Napalm Death "Everything in Mono" (2012)
Sign of the Jackyl "Queens of Hell" (2013)
Battle Beast "Nueromancer" (2014)

Black Tusk "Desolation of Endless Times" (2015)
Evi Vine "My Hands are Tied" (2015)
Zeal and Ardor "Blood in the River" (2016)
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "You Fool! Warren is Dead!" (2017)
Alltheniko "Respect and Fight" (2017)

Black Fast "Crescent Abberation" (2018)
Ancient Bards "Impious Dystopia" (2019)