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February 19, 2017 - For the Dead Travel Fast Live

For the Dead Travel Fast

Present were, EVD, Nathan. The band For The Dead Travel Fast was there in the first portion of the program. They played two sets of several songs each live in The Performance Room, Nathan, as usual, did a great job running the sound. Then the band was interviewed. They are a cool, heavy band, you can find them on Facebook, and various other social media sites. The last hour and a half of the program was made up of bands that we have had on LE over the years, either just on the program, or performing live in studio, or at our The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Shows. There was a lot of awesome new metal this week, almost too much to play it all, as we like to have a good mix of that and great old school stuff. There were segments of Movie Time...

- Fire Eater Wizard

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Witherfall "What are We Dying For"
Nighon "The Greatest of All Catastrophes"
Don Stagg "Black Mirror"

Redundant Nature "Repaired"
Diamond Head "Helpless"
Sons Ov Omega "Kali"
Aeternam "Paropamisafae"

The Taken "Self Reflection"
My Own Ghost "The Night Before I Die"
Ethmebb "Lost My Grind"
Enthean "Tones of Desecration"
Insane Ian "The Bowling Green Fabrication Society"

Sinheresy "Star Dome"
Serenity in Murder "Isle of the Dead"

For the Dead Travel Fast
* Memoirs of a Madman
* For the Dead Travel Fast
* Forshadow of a Tragic End

Night Legion "Night Legion"
Deathwhite "Grace of the Dark"
Agresiva "The End of the Game"
Memorium "Surrounded by Death"

For the Dead Travel Fast
* Battle Cry
* World Eater
* Coffin for Two

Immolation "Fostering the Divide"
Hypnos "I'm on the Run"
Corners of Sanctuary "Wild Card"
Lucifera "Tiempos Siniestros"
Carnal Decay "No Sequel"

For the Dead Travel Fast "Plagued by the Dawn"
Ember Falls "Falling Rain"
Mourner's Lament "As Solemn Pain Profaned"
Wolfheart "The Flood"
Thobbe Englund "It Burns"

Zix "Metal Strike"
Warlock "All We Are"
Megadeth "Back in the Day"
Manowar "All Men Play on 10"
Overkill" In Union We Stand"

Nick Douglas "Come Alive"
Amorphis "Her Alone - Live"
Dimmu Borgir and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Choir "Mourning Palace - Live"
Obituary "No"

Sanjuro Fields "I Know Her Name"
Power Salad "Larry McBrim"
Degradation "Normilizer"
Corpus Diavolis "Signs of the End"
Attacker "Steel Vengeance"

L.A.W. (Lucifer at Work) "Of Monkeys and Man"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Waters of the Corrupt"
Born in Winter "Paper and Roses"
Choose "16"
Moore "Anymore"
Vindicator "Vindicator"

Just a Memory "For the Love of Pity"
Dormitory Effect "Bide My Time"
Fluttr Effect "Hollywood is Porn"
Check Engine "Counted"

Mastermind "The Beast of Babylon"
Break of Reality "The Accidental Death of Effie"
A Rebours "24fps"
Elusive Travel "To Last a Lifetime"

Armageddon Monks "Severed"
The Lobster Quadrille "Weary - Live"
Bent Peg "Over-The-Counter Culturist"
Worm Quartet "Eat Here and Die"

Divinity Destroyed "Prism"
New Animal "Nothing Here"
Ana Kefr "The Orchid"

Psyche Corporation "Antoinette"


The Movie