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March 5, 2017 - Ate Bit Live in Studio

Ate Bit

Ate Bit from Beacon, NY perform live in studio...



Fates Warning "Through Different Eyes"
Demon Hunter "Jesus Wept"
Wolfheart "World on Fire"

Havok "Dogmaniacal"
Azrael's Bane "Chasing a Memory"
Autumn Silence "Pain Fills My Eyes"
Synaptik "A Man Dies"

Decide "Dead but Dreaming"
Obituary "No"
Slayer "When the Stillness Comes"
Hellwell "It's Alive"
Within the Ruins "Death of the Rockstar"

Zero Mean "Tomorrow is Not Possible"
SCIO "Good Boy"
The Taken "This Hate"
Poindexter "Alien"
Undead Messengers "Falling"

Sanctuary "Dream of the Incubus"
Ash and Coal "Evil One"
Pony Death Ride "Cats Chasin' Cats"
A Lie Nation "Rot of the Spirit"

Ate Bit Live in Studio
* Not So Stellar
* Back to the Loser
* Thanks for Nothing"
* Window Pane
* Natural Urges
* Pirate Song

Kill the Precedent "Watch What You Think"
Black Magic Six "All Night Long"
Eruption "Sanity Ascend"
Zeal and Ardor "In Ashes"

Ate Bit "Pool Party"
Corners of Sanctuary "Wild Card"
Crystal Fairy "Drugs on the Bus"
Misanthropic Existence "Kill Yourself."

Insane Ian "Hey Birthday Boy"
Junius "A Mass for Metaphysicians"
Barathrum "Pope Corpse Tattoo"
Virulent Depavity "Spineless Obedience"

Mikey Mason "It's Your Birthday, Ain't It"
Hellfire "Goat Revenge"
End of Time "End of Time"
Hesperia "De Bello Gallico"
Replacire "Do Not Deviate"

NOFX "New Happy Birthday Song?"
Azarath "Annihilation (Smite All the Illusions)"
Distant War "Game of War"
My Silent Wake "Tempest"
Dead Earth Politics "Runescarred"

Devo Spice "Blood, Guts, and Boobs"
So This is Suffering! "Xenomorphic"
Evocation "Condemned to the Grave"
Alunah "Light of Winter"

The God Machine "Prostitute"
Violent Playground "Lame from the Neck Up"
Obsession "In for the Kill"
Athiest "Enthralled in Essence"

Leige Lord "Prodigy / Wielding Iron Fists"
Anthem "Night After Night"
Expect No Mercy "Fire in the Night"
Air Raid "Nightmare"
Vicious Rumors "Blitz the World"

Gamma Ray "Heart of the Unicorn"
Black Sabbath "Cross of Thorns"
Warbride "Slaves of the Sword"
Manowar "Guyana (Cult of the Damned)"

Budgie "Zoom Club"
Hades "Biocaust"
Agent Steel "Chosen to Stay"
Tesla "Before My Eyes"

Fates Warning "Epitaph"



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