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March 19, 2017 - The Taken Live in Studio

The Taken

The Taken come to visit us from the Niagara Falls area to play for us and hang out...



My Dying Bride "The Lies I Sire"
Fates Warning "Without a Trace"
Order of Chaos "Death After Life"

Dethonator "Wreckers"
Ravager "Burn the Cross"
Thrash Bombz "Curse of the Priest"
Tormentor "Kill with No Excuse"

Voltax "Broken World"
Rebel Wizard "Trampled by Wolves and Sheep"
Pony Death Ride "Stranger Danger"
Darkestrah "Gleaming Madness"

Immolation "Destructive Currents"
Kill the Precedent "Irrational Anthem"
Aversions Crown "The Souless Acolyte"
Astral Doors "Black Eyed Children"

Sunless Sky "Netherworld"
Fuck You Pay Me "Ammosexual"
Wretch "Throne of Poseidon"
Without Waves "Victorian Punishment"

Maxdmyz "Reason to Live"
Mountains Crave "Ynisvitrin"
The Sarcophagus "Dymadiel"
Angel Martyr "Midnight Traveller"

The Taken Live in Studio
* Demons
* This Hate
* License to Kill
* Self Reflection

Cult of Erinyes "Bred for War"
Total Violence "Guess Who's Next"
Lord Mantis "At the Mouth"
Condor "Riders of Violence"

The Taken Live in Studio
* Cereal Killer
* These Walls
* The End!

Fields of the Nefilim "Laura II"
Redwest "The Ballad of Eddie W"
Ghoultown "Walking Through the Desert with a Crow"
The O'Reillys and the Pattyhats "Ghost of a Soldier"

The Taken "This Hate"
Black Map "Run Rabbit Run"
Obituary "A Lesson in Vengeance"
Memoriam "Surrounded (by Death)"

Hit by a Bus "Fil"
Pretty Maids "It Comes at Night"
Segression "Painted in Blood"
Mercy Brown "Red and Yellow"

Replacire "Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends"
Pallbearer "Lie of Survival"
Highland "Towards the Absolute"

Distillator "Blinded by Chauvinism"
Enisum "Snow Storm"
Epi-Demic "Rotting in Plain Sight"
When She Sleeps "Silence Speaks"

Iron Maiden "Wrathchild (Bruce Dickinson Demo)"
Fit for an Autopsy "Heads Will Hang"
Alchimia "Lost"
Saule "I"

Fates Warning "Valley of the Dolls"
Omen "The Curse"
Leather Angel "We Came to Kill"
Original Sin "Conjuration of the Watcher"

Gamma Ray "Heading for Tomorrow"
My Dying Bride "Return of the Beautiful"


The Movie