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May 14, 2017 - Vile Tyrant Live

Vile TyrantPresent were, EVD, Nathan. The band Vile Tyrant performed live. They are a black metal band. They rock. You can find them on Facebook, bandcamp, instagram, reverbnation, spotify, and all the other usual social media sites. They were interviewed after their performance. It was their first time here, so they told us all about themselves. A track from their EP was played. Thanks again to Nathan for running the sound. Some television programs were talked about. a lot of brand new music was played, as well as some old school stuff. The last song of the night was Nuclear Assault's "Mother's Day", as it was Mother's Day...

-Fire Eater Wizard


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Spazzare "Self Immolated - Live in Studio"
Les Chants Du Hasard "Chant III - L'Homme"
Metal Church "Fake Healer (with Todd La Torre)"

The Doomsday Kingdom "The Never Machine"
Hadal Maw "Simian Plague"
Ghastly Sound "Where Ghosts Hide"
Cold Fell "Skull Crushed Against Saltford Cobblestones"
Borealis "World of Silence"
Smashy Claw "The Seaman Parade"

The Voynich Code "Flight 19"
Deity "Sacrificium"
Thus Defiled "Evil Dead"
We Ride "Do It All Again"

Scio "Control - Live in Studio"
Karkaos "Let the Curtain Fall"
Sator Malus "My Journey"
Arduini / Balich "Forever Fade"

Vile Tyrant Live in Studio
* Scrourging the Bastard Christ
* Unto Wrath Be Given
* Omne Mallum

Amputator "Gutterslut"
Social Arsonist "Ill Natured"
Sentient Ignition "Enthroned in Gray"

Vile Tyrant Live in Studio
* Architects of Oblivion
* Seige of the Usurper's Throne

Earth Crawler "Through the Ashes"
Selcouth "Below Hope"
Seeker "Throat"
Megadeth "The Skull Beneath the Skin"

Vile Tyrant "Of Flesh and Blasphemy"
Shadow of Intent "The Mad Tyrant's Betrayal"
Norska "Eostre"
Ikillya "Your God"

Lethe "Night"
Clark Ashton Smith "A Dream of Lethe"
Zeal and Ardor "Children's Summon"
Amber Asylum "ToT"
The Final Sleep "As We Leave the Flesh"

The Anti Nowhere League "So What?"
Warrior Soul "The Answer"
Agony "Storm of the Apocalypse"
Jungle Rot "Let Them Die"

Pyogenesis "Like Tears (In the Dust) / In the End / Africa / That's When Everybody Gets Hurt"

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy "My Friend Who Doesn't Exist"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Dead Souls"
Albatwitch "A Hand from the Sky"
Clark Ashton Smith "The Muse of Hyperborea"
Eyes of Fire "Down"
The God Machine "Pictures of a Bleeding Boy"

Mustach "Damn It's Dark"
Diabolic "Diabolic Perception"
The Ruins of Beverast "Towards Malakia"
Venenum "The Nature of the Ground"
Styx "The Serpent is Rising"

Liv Sin "Black Souls"
Cult of Eibon "Xothic Bloodlines"
Ethmebb "Pirates of the Caribou"
Ashenspire "The Ashen Mills"

Nuclear Assault "Mothers Day"


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